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Valid until: December 3, 2022, 12:00 am
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Win the El Gordo lotto jackpot this week! LottoKings offers this amazing chance to have fun and earn money at the same time. El Gordo plays out a little differently than most traditional lotteries.

So, first, a numbered ball is drawn, and then a ball with a prize value. At the end, a prize was awarded to anyone who bought the numbers that match the numbers on the ball.

  1. As with the draw, you actually play El Gordo a little differently than other lotteries.
  2. You cannot choose your own numbers, but instead, you can buy a ticket that already has a pre-printed number. However, there is also a series of tickets with the same numbers.

Hurry up! €12.4 Million is waiting for you now!

Win El Gordo lotto jackpot this week: hurry up to get extra big shares!

The Weekly El Gordo draws in Spain are the most popular and beloved lottery in the world. So, the minimum jackpot prize pool is around 5 million EUROs. It must be remembered that the draw is held only once a week, and dedicated players never miss it.

Additionally, the jackpots of the Spanish Weekly El Gordo could rise to around 34 million euros. Weekly El Gordo has 7 prize tiers in addition to the jackpot and is giving away multiple prizes for each draw.

LottoKings has become one of the most famous in this area. However, if you think design and branding is the only thing that are new here, think again.

They offer a wide variety of lottery games. You can also play syndicates or participate in millionaire lotteries or virtual scratch cards.

Also, the site is very easy to use and beginners who have not yet tried online lotteries can easily start playing. In addition, the new Jackpot Alerts feature notifies you when a particular lottery hits your payout goals.

LottoKings is a pretty solid online lottery site. For other amazing offers you can check our  latest online casino bonuses .



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