Cookie Policy

To be able to provide you the best service we are using cookies. This way using the website will become easier for you.

The cookies

A cookie or a pixel is a small file saved to your device when you are entering a webpage. With this information, the site will remember your actions and preferences like language options, login data or display preferences. Like this, you don’t have to add these data all the time, when you are browsing another page or visiting again the next day.

Your choices with cookies

By using our site you are agreeing to store and use cookies on your device or computer. Most parts of the site you could visit without cookies, however, there are some parts that would be slow or wouldn’t work properly.

If you don’t want cookies to be stored on your computer, you can turn them off in your browser’s system settings. Here you can also delete stored cookies any time. Please keep in mind if you are not accepting our cookies that can restrict the functionality of

Category of cookies

There are different cookies for different functions.

  • Cookies with technical necessity
  • Periodically stored cookies
  • Cookies that we are placing or storing or a cookie provider the third party does.

Technically necessary cookies: Some cookies are necessary for the website to function. When you access the website these cookies are automatically placed in your device if your browser doesn’t reject cookies automatically. 

Technically not necessary cookies: These cookies are going to improve the performance of the site and also make it more comfortable for you. These are mostly saving settings data or login data. We also use some cookies to get information about how much certain parts of the site are in use. From this information, we can get conclusions that will improve the site’s functionality in the long-term.

How long are cookies stored?

There are session cookies. These ones are only stored for the time while you are visiting the website. Once you leave the site these cookies are going to be erased from your device. 

There are permanent cookies too. These cookies will make it possible to recognize you when you come back to the website after some time. Like this you will be able to access your settings from before. These cookies are deleted after a predefined period automatically.

Flow cookies are making it possible to communicate between our internal servers. They are deleted from your device after you leave the website. These cookies are having an identification number, however, they doesn’t allow us to draw any conclusions of the actual user.

Cookie providers

There are provider cookies that are placed by us or by our website operator.

Third-party cookies are used by different companies or websites, such as Web analytics. These third-party providers might also use cookies to advertise or to adapt content from social networks, like plugins. 

Using cookies for Web analytics

We are using Google Analytics, which is a Web analytics service provided by Google. Google Analytics is identifying the frequency of the use of certain areas with cookies. The information that is generated by this cookie (including your truncated IP address) is transferred to a Google server in the US and it is stored there. With this information, Google will analyze your use of the website and compiles reports for us. If required by law Google may transmit this information to third parties to process the data on the behalf of Google.

You can find add-ons on the internet that are turning off Google Analytics if you don’t want it to take place.