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Online Live Casinos are trending all over the globe at present. Playing online live casinos can be fun and moreover it can make you win real-time bucks in the form of bonuses and rewards. Here we have a comprehensive and best online live casino bonus guide for you. Keep reading to know more about the best online live casino bonuses!

Best Online Live Casino Bonus Guides on Live Casinos

An online live casino is a room, or series of rooms, on an online gaming site. You can play traditional or modern casino games that are run by a real-live person. Playing online live casino is an exciting experience as you can play your favorite casino games by being in your comfort zone may it be your home, work, or in the car. You can play any of the online live casino games, for example, baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. You can always read winning live blackjack strategies that actually work.

What is a Live Casino Bonus?

If you have ever played online live casino games, you would have an idea of what live casino bonuses are. Bonuses are given to the players who play at live casinos. It's a site's way to reward its players. Online live casinos have many types of bonuses that they offer to their players. Each one offers a different incentive, out of which mostly are in the form of cash.

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What are the Types of Live Casino Bonuses

As we mentioned in our guide, there are many kinds of live casino bonuses. Let's take a look at the most popular ones.

Welcome Bonus - Find the Best Welcome Bonuses if you're a New Player

Almost all of the world's most popular online live casino sites offer welcome bonuses. This bonus is usually in the form of cash that is credited directly to your account. A welcome or sign up bonus means that the player will get a reward upon registering on the site. The point of a welcome bonus is to attract new players to join the site and reward the ones who join. Click here to find the best online gambling bonuses!

No Deposit Bonus - Don't Want to Invest Much? Invest Nothing!

No deposit bonuses are attractive for sure. You have to sign up for a website with a 'no deposit' bonus code. You’re then given money to play online live casino. This bonus is usually about five to ten dollars. However, it's enough as you don't need that much to start. Some players have made large bankrolls by starting with a no deposit bonus. It’s a great promotion for people who want to start playing online live casino without risking their own money. At Bonus Pirates, you can always enjoy the best online gambling bonuses and deals.

Loyalty Bonus - Get Rewards for Sticking to the Site of your Choice

Loyalty Bonus is for the regular players of the site. It is basically a reward for the consistent players of the website. Loyalty bonuses are usually in the form of money. While other loyalty bonus types are great deals, discounts, or extra points that you can redeem to get live casino tickets. The size of the rewards vary. It mainly depends upon the size of your monthly deposits. If you stick with Bonus Pirates, we will show you the best online live casino bonus guides - as well as the best offers to win!

Reload Bonus - Ran Out of Money? Deposit for Extra Prizes!

A reload bonus is a bonus given to the already existing players. They can make another deposit to invest more in their gaming account. In exchange, they get extra money. It's quite a similar system to the first bonus deposit. Well, it's the same, just not upon your first deposit. Reload bonuses are good compensation for loyal customers who might miss out on welcome bonus deals. The idea is almost the same as of the welcome bonuses. Although reload bonuses sometimes may not be as generous as welcome bonuses. But if you're a good raking player they can add more bucks to your bankroll.

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Match Bonus - Double Your Deposits at your Live Casino

A match bonus is the bonus a player gets. The amount of this bonus is matching all or a portion of the player’s first deposit. The exact percentage match varies from bonus to bonus. It's amazing that the match can be as high as 100%.

Most live casino bonuses have a matching factor, which in most cases is 80-100% for up to a certain amount. For example, if you deposit $100 at an online live casino room, the site will match your deposit by 100%. This means the live casino room will add another $100 matching bonus to your account as soon as you have made your first deposit. So, you can start playing with $200 on your account, even though you only deposited $100. However, there is always a maximum amount of online live casino bonuses the players can acquire. The website will always specify the limit. You will be able to find such deals at BonusPirates as well. Keep coming back to Bonus Pirates and find the best online casino bonuses.

Wagering Requirements for Live Casino Bonuses

Unless a casino bonus is labeled as “wager-free” in the terms and conditions, a bonus always has a string attached called wagering requirement. Not fulfilling wagering requirements will block you from withdrawing any winnings made using the extra bonus cash. It’s impossible to abolish wagering requirements, as this is a way for the online casino to prevent bonus abuse. You can, however, calculate the wagering requirements so you know exactly what you’re in for when accepting a live casino bonus.

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Calculating the wagering requirements for a live casino bonus works the same as any other bonus. The terms and conditions will always state the multiplier, in the case of live casino bonuses and high roller bonuses, these are usually lower than normal casino bonuses. If the wagering requirement is 10x, that means you need to wager 10 times your deposit. Let’s say you’re deposit is 100 in your local currency, then multiply that amount by 10: 10 x 100 = 1000. Wagering requirements only apply to bonuses.

How to Find the Best Live Casino Bonuses

Finding a good live casino bonus can be difficult. There are so many game types and deals that it would probably take forever to find a suitable one. But don't worry, we at Bonus Pirates have made it a lot easier. You can visit our deal finder page to filter your search results and find the best online live casino bonuses. Moreover, you can discover everything about the games, bonuses, and wagering requirements in our news and guides page.