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Casino guides

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Casinos have been a place for entertainment for millions of people for a long time globally but when online casinos came into being, this gave a spike to their popularity. This is primarily because it is super efficient to play and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your house. Although it can be a source of enjoyment for many, it is still overwhelming and intimidating for some. That’s why we have put together an online casino bonus guide for you – the only guide you will need!

The Best Online Casino Bonus Guides - What is an Online Casino?

Contrary to the traditional ‘brick and mortar’ casinos, an online casino is a virtual version of it. You may be familiar with them as Virtual Casinos and Internet Casinos. It is a prolific form of gambling. The gamblers play it on the internet online. Online casino platforms are an amalgamation of various types of casino games. Moreover, they give their players a chance to play for fun and to place bets as well to land a win.

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How does online Casino work?

Online casino helps the gamblers to play and make money through casino games solely through the internet. It comprises of odds and payback percentages that are a tad bit higher than the land-based casinos.

What are the types of Online Casino Games?

They have two types of gaming activities: Table Games and Slots. You may find Roulette and Blackjack commonly in casinos which fall under the category of table games. This may also include baccarat and craps to some extent. To make the activities such as card shuffling more reliable, a live dealer is present on a computer. You can compare land-based offerings with slots. There are not many online casinos that make their own slots.

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On online casinos, these slots offer almost 4% house edge which is better than offline casinos. However, you must keep in mind that online slots may pay higher amounts but are less frequent. We have gathered helpful information about some of the most popular online casino games in our online casino bonus guide for you. They are as follows:


Gamblers play baccarat commonly in online casinos. It involves two people, a  ‘player’, and a ‘banker’. With every round of play, there are three possibilities. This is a player (the highest score), banker and tie. Baccarat has three variations which are quite popular in the world of online casinos - the punto banco, the baccarat chemin de fer or chemmy, and baccarat Banque.


Previously known as Black Jack and Vingt Un, Blackjack belongs to the family of banking games. It involves one or more players against a dealer where each player tries to defeat the dealer. However, you must keep in mind that the players will compete against one another. You use a deck or more of 52 cards.  In the world of banking games, blackjack is the most widely played casino game.

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Deriving its name from the French language which roughly translates to ‘little wheel’, roulette is a game that involves the placing of bets. Players place bets on numbers, number groupings, colors, oddness or evenness or whether the number is high or low. You spin the wheel and the ball in opposite directions. As the ball loses its energy, after deflecting and facing hurdles, it falls into one of the pockets. This pocket determines who has placed the right bet and thus reveals the winner.

What are the types of Online Casino Bonuses?

There are multiple types of bonuses that online casinos offer and one should know how to claim online casino bonuses. Online casino bonuses are offered by almost every online casino site. It is a reward for loyal players or given as a token of welcoming new or regular players. Although these bonuses are in the form of cash, they can also be in the form of exclusive deals or bonus codes. Since online casino is all about making money and banking up, it is extremely important to know which bonuses one should aim for. To find out, read our one of the best online casino bonus guides which includes the latest online casino bonuses that you just cannot miss.

Welcome Bonus

Almost all online casino sites offer welcome bonuses. It is mostly in the form of cash which adds up in your account. This means that when you join a site, you can claim a bonus upon registration. Site owners use this tactic to attract new people to join.

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No Deposit Bonus

A bonus that a player receives without making any sort of deposit is called as a no deposit bonus. This is a comparatively rare type of bonus as is hard to find. The player is given money to have an online casino experience which ranges from five to ten dollars. This amount is sufficient as starting does not require much. However, this does not mean that it is insignificant as many people around the world have won major bankrolls. It is a great way to start your online casino experience as it is absolutely risk-free.

Loyalty Bonus

The regular players of the online casino are eligible for a loyalty bonus. The more you play, the more bonuses you get. Although they can be in the form of deals, discounts, or extra points, loyalty bonuses are mostly in cash. The size, however, may vary depending on the monthly deposits of your wages.

Reload Bonus

Existing players get a reload bonus. To invest more, they make deposits into their account which leads to further money generation. Reload bonus is mostly beneficial for loyal players who can add extra bucks to their bankroll which is discussed in detail on this guide of latest online casino bonuses and how to claim online casino bonuses.

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Cashback Bonus

A cashback bonus is a bonus that is offered to the player as a compensation for the losses he faced in his last game. Normally, it is done through the casino portal that offers bonuses and pays the player for all unmatched deposits.

What are the wagering requirements?

With a saturated market of online casinos, many sites offer bonuses to their players to stay competitive. Online casinos paid all new users, loyal gamblers, and matched the bankroll of those who lost money, but this did not turn out well. The online casinos started to lose money as the players used more than one account. This abuse of system meant that they had to come up with strategies to avoid this pattern of losing money.

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So, they designed a system of wagering as a solution. According to this, the player of an online casino had to wager a certain percentage of the deposit amount. So, you can withdraw the winning after depositing this amount in the account. Since rules may change from site to site, it is highly advisable to study the terms and conditions before accepting promotional bonuses.

How to Find the Best Online Casino Bonus Guides and Offers?

To find the right deals, we highly recommend carrying out research. We advise that you must take your time to search for deals before making a commitment. You can also have a look at the reviews of their online casino sites and chose what works best for you. Some of the best online casino bonuses can be found on ...... as it is reliable and offer great deals. We hope that our online casino bonus guide at Bonus Pirates helped you gain some useful tips.