Live Casino Games in Colombia

Live casino games in Colombia has green lights.

Live casino games are coming to Colombia. Almost a month ago the regulations were signed or on allowing online lice casino games int he country. Since the live casino games are much more interesting than the ones that are run by a Random Number Generator, this is not a new trend. However, if you don’t know much about live casinos then check out our live casino guide article.

The gaming regulator in the country Coljuegos was recently announcing the framework on how casinos are expected to manage there live casino parts.

Why there are still some countries without live casino games?

Since the gaming experience is way higher than regular online casino games’, you can ask the question of why it’s not everywhere yet? The thing is that many countries are afraid that these online live casinos are going to be dangerous to traditional land-based casinos. However, Colombia was taking measures in this question and they were finding out that this threat is negligible. While online live casinos are offering a great experience, traditional casinos have a totally different value for why people choose them. Brick-and-mortar casinos are offering a bigger social experience while online live casinos are more likely about comfort and enjoyable gameplay.

And not to forget, that local traditional casinos will also have a chance to join the game. With existing knowledge of the local market, they can easily get involved in live casinos. They already have everything ready to stream blackjack or roulette tables with the corporation of some online operators. This will be a big part of their future revenue.

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Coljuegos is regulating the return rate – Live casino games in Colombia

In-country and overseas operators are both going to be able to apply for licenses to run live casino games. Obviously, they will have to get approval from a testing facility. Coljuegos will determine these testing facilities. The minimum return rate to players will have to be 83% or higher on every online live casino games. This measurement is reasonable comparing to the market. 1xBET

The streaming of the games also has to go through regulations. The studios where they make the recordings for streaming can be anywhere by destination. However, they have to meet the technical requirements set by Coljuegos. The rules are quite simple and mostly describing a healthy working live casino. The players must be able to wager against the dealers and win money with it. Furthermore, the operators will have to make sure that users know the value of the prize before they start playing.

Regulations against the grey market

As everywhere in the world where gambling regulations are taking effect the main point is to keep the users safe and their tax money in the government’s pocket. With these new Colombian regulations taking effect, these goals will be easier to realize. Since there are already grey area casinos targeting the Colombian market with live casino games, people now will have the chance to choose legitimate operators. The new rules are official within a few days. In the meantime get ready with selecting the best online live casino bonuses.

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