Gambling Commission Supports GambleAware

gambling commission supports gambleaware with money.

GambleAware has a long history of being a charity and helping people who are dealing with excessive gambling problems. Now Gambling Commission supports GambleAware with £9m ($10.3m). Responsible gambling is also the goal of the Gambling industry. To be eligible to get licenses in more and more countries the Gambling Commission has to fight for responsible gambling.

GambleAware is going to use these funds to follow the British National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms. The charity with its partners is going to make sure that problem gambling treatments and other support services are keep going on.

Gambling Commission: Gambling activity has dropped lately

The Gambling Commission was reporting that gambling activity has dropped since the lockdown in the UK. On the other hand, there are some players who are increasing their playtime on online products, like live casinos or virtual sports. With this new situation around the world, GambleAware also has to find new ways to support problematic gamblers. They are planning to use these funds to bring their support programs to online platforms.

Due to social distancing measures, people who have problems with gambling are in the same shoes as people who are risky drinkers. In self-isolation, the threat of falling as prey to the things that normally make you pleased is way higher than usual.

Unresponsible operators are paying the price

While most of the casinos and sportsbooks are strongly pushing legality and fulfilling responsibilities around their field of work, some of them are not fulfilling the UK regulations properly. In these cases they are fined by the Gambling Commission. Since February 2020 these fines are adding up to a total of  £27 million. Part of this money is going to be given to GambleAware.

William Moyes, chairman of the Gambling Commission was the comment: “In addition to a tough and flexible regulatory system, it’s vital organisations such as GambleAware and their partners can continue the great work they do, especially at times when there is an elevated risk of gambling harm with people staying at home due to social distancing measures.

Gambling industry is taking their part too – Gambling Commission supports GambleAware

It’s good news, that GambleAware was reporting in early April that they were collecting £10 million in donations. The gambling industry’s responsible operators were raising this amount through voluntary donations. GambleAware when describing this voluntary donation is suggesting anyone who is profiting from gambling to donate 1% of their annual income to the charity directly. This amount was adding up during a period of one month from 2019 April till 2020 March. If you want to gamble responsively do it with some bonuses and check out the best online gambling bonuses on our list.

As our motto is saying: Set a time frame – Set a budget – Gamble responsibility. It’s great to have fun but always do it with boundaries. If you feel that the ground is shaking below you don’t hesitate to contact GambleAware. They have a 24/7 Gambling Helpline which you can reach out to by phone or in an online chat.


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