First-Time Betting on Eurovision – Tips to Keep in Mind in 2024

Betting on Eurovision

ESC is the most popular and long-lasting music event in Europe. It is also one of the best ways for bettors to earn money predictions about the winner’s hit sportsbooks every year. Betting on Eurovision 2024 can also leave you with extra fun and funds, so learn how to profit from it.

Even if your country doesn’t participate in ESC or you are far from entertainment betting, you should have heard about Eurovision Song Contest predictions. This is an international music competition held annually among European countries (plus Australia). Every year, countries send their representatives to promote their music and win the most prestigious contest in Europe. 

Traditionally, Eurovision takes place annually in May, and this year is not an exception. To join the party, learn tips on betting on Eurovision 2024.

Eurovision Song Contest history & rules

If it’s your first time watching or betting on Eurovision, it is better to learn more about the contest’s history to understand its rules. So, ESC was first hosted in 1954 and included only 7 countries: France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. During the next decades, the contest has turned into one of the most long-lasting and popular shows across the world with more than 180 million viewers and around 40 participating countries.

Each country selects an original song to be performed on the ESC stage live. At first, the country’s representative joins Semi-Final 1 or 2 and competes for the right to proceed to the final show. All countries, except for France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the UK, and previous year’s winner have to be chosen by voting to reach the Grand Final. 

The Grand Final is where the major show takes place. Each country performs its song live one more time. Then, the jury and the viewers vote for their favorite, and those votes become public in the final chapter. The one who gets the most points becomes the winner of Eurovision.

ESC betting tips for beginners

This year, Sweden will host the contest
This year, Sweden will host the contest

If you want to know how to bet on Eurovision 2024, learn some basic tips at first. Like any other contest show, ESC predictions aren’t always as transparent as they seem. So, what should you know about the ESC favorites from online betting guides for beginners before betting on them?

  1. First of all, Eurovision bets are always demarcated by nationality rather than the performer’s name or song. Usually, bettors tend to support their country’s representatives, which is a bad idea from a financial perspective. If you want to win, you should turn off your personal preferences but turning it on during the contest is obviously a good idea.
  2. Study all the odds, predictions, and rumors. Following the last decades’ tendency, the media’s favorite usually becomes the winner of the show. Learn who’s the most talked-about artist of the ESC and what are his/her odds. Watch the number of their Youtube views and monthly listeners. If they are both good, you have probably found out who is the winner before the contest took place.
  3. Don’t forget about politics. Eurovision depends on the situation and relationships in Europe, especially in recent years. Therefore, you will always see odds on Israel or Ukraine to win. Although it was never confirmed, the viewers suppose that some countries won the main prize for other reasons than having the best song. So, you should also consider it while betting on Eurovision in 2024.

Betting on Eurovision 2024

Finally, ESC 2024. This year’s show will take place on May 7-11 but you can already bet on the winner of the Grand Final. Learn how to claim online sportsbook bonuses and go for your favorite! All the biggest sportsbooks – from 1xBet to Betsafe – offer bets on Eurovision.

According to the early-bird predictions, France and Israel are the main favorites to win the 2024 Eurovision. Ukraine and Italy follow them with the second-highest betting odds. Azerbaijan closes the top-5 so far.

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