How to Make Entertainment Bets at Sportsbooks?

how to make entertainment bets
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Entertainment bets have become extremely popular at online sportsbooks during the last years. Learn how to make entertainment bets of all kinds at betting sites.

Betting on sports may be the reason for sportsbooks to occur, but entertainment bets are what makes them suitable for everyone. Not all people watch football or tennis, but everyone listens to music or watches their favorite TV series. They and other entertainment spheres form entertainment bets at online betting sites. Read our online betting guide for beginners to know how to make entertainment bets properly.

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What do entertainment wagers include?

Entertainment betting means making bets on events, people, or places related to this sphere. As entertainment is a wide-ranging concept, it is sometimes called novelty betting at sportsbooks. However, novelty betting includes a wide variety of non-sport-related bets such as politics, weather, or technologies. Some novelty bets are not related to entertainment, so let’s focus on the latter only.

  • At most online sportsbooks, entertainment bets include:

    • TV betting (reality, shows, games)
    • TV series betting
    • Movie betting
    • Music betting
    • Literature betting
    • Celebrity betting
    • Royals betting
    • Award betting

Punters can find bets on entertainment categories mentioned above at all top sportsbooks: 1xBet, Intertops, Unibet, Bet365. If you follow the latest online sportsbook news, you can also learn about new odds from news articles. Wagering on TV shows, movies or music is a great opportunity to earn extra cash besides sports betting. Before you start, let’s learn some tips on how to make entertainment bets.

Tips on how to make entertainment bets at betting sites

Each entertainment sphere has its own peculiarities concerning betting tips. For instance, if you bet on a celebrity, you need to follow his or her life to be aware of the latest news and make the right bets. If you wager on a movie, you need to watch it and follow movie-related information on the Internet. Depending on the type of entertainment bet you make, remember the following tips and tricks.

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TV series and TV shows

Are you into TV shows or series? The principles of betting on both TV products are similar, so we have united them in one. The main tip to follow while wagering on both is to watch every episode of the show/series. The more you are into them, the more you know about possible next steps. As most popular betting predictions about TV shows include next eliminations, you need to evaluate all participants’ chances to win. The same touches upon the TV series with bets on the upcoming seasons.

Movie, music, and literature

While betting on films, songs, albums, or books, you have to follow the same principles as in TV betting to win back your money. First of all, watch, listen, or read a piece you want to wager on. However, this is not enough. To bet on, let’s say, a Christmas song to top the chart you have to follow predictions about its possible success. To wager on a movie to top the box office, follow its earnings at corresponding sites. Almost all bets on movies/music/books are connected with financial success if only they are not about winning awards.


Online gambling guides for beginners recommend betting on awards as almost a win-win opportunity to earn cash. Such award shows as Grammys, Oscar, Golden Globe, Nobel are always in the spotlight. It gives a boost to your winning chances as every edition, every critic or blogger tries to predict award winners. Follow updates to know which person or piece of art is believed to win by a majority.

how to make entertainment bets
Betting on the Oscars have a real tradition

Another way to learn how to make entertainment bets on certain awards is to follow their predecessors. For example, if you bet on an actor to win the Oscars you should follow the whole award season to evaluate his winning chances.

Celebrity and Royal Family

Sportsbooks contain many bets on famous people and Royals that touch upon their private life. There may be bets on Beyonce to divorce, Meghan Markle to have another baby, or Johnny Depp to fight with Amber Heard. If you wager on any of them, intuition is your best tool. As no one can exactly predict celebs’ next steps out of their career, so all you can do is follow the news and trust your inner voice.

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