Are Live Dealer Games Rigged – Unveiling Myths About Live Gambling

are live dealer games rigged

Live dealer games are a fan favorite as they serve as a bridge between land-based and virtual casinos, providing the best from both. However, many concerns about their fairness come along. Some people wonder whether these games provide 100% transparent results while being hosted by a human dealer in a remote studio. In other words, are live dealer games rigged or fair? To answer this question, we’ll explore how they work and evaluate the chances of live poker, roulette, or craps to work in the casino’s favor.

How do live games work at online casinos?

To comprehend the fairness of live dealer games, it is important to understand how they work. Unlike traditional online games that rely on random number generators (RNGs), live dealer tables and wheels require the presence of real dealers using physical equipment. These games are broadcasted in real time from dedicated studios or land-based casinos, with the action streamed directly to players’ devices.

The process begins with the dealer, who interacts with players in real-time through high-definition video streaming. Players can place their bets after logging in their account and opening the game. When all bets are placed, a human host spins the roulette wheel, reveals cards, or rolls the dice in real-time and shows the results to players on their screens. 

Summarizing information above, live dealers host any game like real casino staff. The only difference is that players follow their actions remotely and are not physically present in a casino. Read how different live games work, including poker, blackjack, and roulette as the most popular ones.

are live dealer games rigged

Misconceptions about live gambling: why can’t it be unfair?

When it comes to live casinos and questions like “are live dealer games rigged?”, there are several misbeliefs that contribute to the skepticism surrounding their fairness. 

Probably, the most popular misconception is that the dealer has the ability to manipulate the outcome of the game. Some believe that the host can control the cards or the outcome of the roulette wheel, favoring the casino’s interests. However, this notion is unfounded and simply not true.

In reality, the dealer’s role in live dealer games is to facilitate the gameplay and ensure the integrity of the game. They follow strict rules and procedures set by the casino and the game provider, leaving no room for manipulation. Additionally, the dealer is constantly monitored by both, plus players can follow all their actions in real time.

Another misconception is that live dealer games are more susceptible to cheating compared to their virtual counterparts. The argument here is that since the games are streamed live, players may believe that there is a higher risk of fraudulent behavior. This is not the case either because these games are subject to rigorous security measures to prevent cheating and ensure fairness. Reputable game providers like Evolution Gaming employ advanced technology and encryption protocols to protect the integrity of the games. The casinos themselves are also heavily regulated and licensed by respective authorities in the UK or Malta, proving they provide 100% fair experience to their users. 

None of the live dealer games with the best odds can be provided at gambling sites with no license from MGA, UKGC, etc. By adhering to the regulations and obtaining the necessary permissions, both casinos and providers demonstrate they are legit and unbiased towards players.

are live dealer games rigged

Are live dealer games rigged?

So, are live dealer games rigged? While the skepticism surrounding live casinos is understandable, the evidence suggests that they are indeed fair. The use of legal regulations, encryption protocols, and rigorous monitoring systems ensure that the gameplay is not manipulated in any way. The presence of regulatory bodies and independent testing agencies provides an additional layer of oversight, further reinforcing the fairness and transparency of live dealer games. 

Moreover, the reputation of the casinos and game providers is at stake. In an industry as competitive as online gambling, any hint of unfairness or dishonesty would have consequences. Casinos and game operators value their reputation and understand the importance of maintaining the trust of their players. Rigging the games could lead to the downfall of their businesses as such casinos will be blacklisted and their license will be withdrawn.

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