US MLS Betting Bonuses: Use Coupons to Bet On Soccer

US MLS Betting Bonuses

European football leagues will be back soon after a short summer break. Meanwhile, the 26th season of Major League Soccer is already in progress. American soccer fans can use US MLS betting bonuses to bet on the league. In particular, take a look at coupons by Intertops available in 2021.

The 2021 Major League Soccer season is in its full flow. The 26th season of MLS started last April which means that teams have already played more than 180 matches. This is good news for bettors who can decide about their favorites following the standings. 

As of the end of July 2021, the favorites in the MLS standings are:

  • New England – 30 points
  • Philadelphia – 23 points
  • Nashville – 23 points
  • Orlando City – 22 points
  • Montreal – 22 points
  • Columbus Crew – 21 points
  • New York City – 20 points

To bet on your favorite team, you can use US MLS betting bonuses. Also, check the latest online sportsbook news to stay tuned to football news in Europe. 

2021 US MLS betting bonuses

At Intertops Sportsbook, football fans can bet on the upcoming MLS matches using special coupons. Bettors can use coupons to place wagers on winners of each match and/or the total score of each game.

With the help of To-Win coupons, you can bet on all upcoming MLS matches at once using the best odds by Intertops. Note that you can’t change the odds; if you want to bet on a particular team to win, go for single bets. 

Apart from winner predictions, US MLS betting coupons give an opportunity to place wagers on the total score of each match. The second Over/Under coupon will help you to bet on teams to win with a particular score (usually, it is higher or lower than 2.5). In case of winning, you will receive a good profit from Intertops. 

Use coupons to bet on MLS matches that are scheduled for July 23-25.

Bet on MLS 2021 at Intertops


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