United Arabic Emirates Starting Global Digital Lottery

UAE starts global digital lottery.

The United Arabic Emirates was launching its first digital global lottery draw lately, on the 18th of April. The weekly jackpot is $12 million and the game is available for everyone above 18. The lottery was starting with a three weeks delay due to further regulatory approval was necessary.

On the first draw, someone was winning $95,000 (AED 350,000) not a bad start. For the first draw, every ticket was sold, it seems like people like the lottery in the Emirates.

Charity with global digital lottery

The lottery is available through the world with a mobile app or one can purchase a ticket at retail sellers in the Emirates. While every ticket costs $10, it gives you the opportunity to win a jackpot worth of $13 million weekly. One can also choose to donate their ticket for charity, with this nonprofit organizations have the chance to win the price.

The lottery is a typical pick six out of 49 numbers. The prize expands with the numbers that you match on the draw. However, it is an extra that if you match 5 numbers you will receive AED 350,000 (roughly $95,000) for sure. Public-good issues and UAE government projects will also share millions of donations from the lottery.

How is Sharian law with the lottery?

This is not so easy and Sharia is not so happy about it. The license for the lottery comes from a private corporation from Abu Dhabi. However, participating in the weekly lottery is an option for everyone and there are many people who bought tickets and don’t even bother to take part in the draw.

According to Sharia principles, there should be an exchange value for the money that is spent on the lottery. According to lottery director Paul Sebeysten, the main objective of the lottery is to raise funds for people, the community, and other charity.

It is a common standard that national lotteries are raising money for community issues like social services, education, health, and pension funds. Originally the lottery in the United States, for example, was established to create founds for the government to cover social costs. In most countries like Switzerland, gambling is a monopoly and the operating body is directly feeding their income into the state’s pension fund.

Other online lotteries

While the money from the UAE lottery seems to help a lot with charity, there are many other viable options. Always if you want to support your local government with your tax money, then I recommend local lotteries that you can find almost all over the world. However, there are many for-profit online global lotteries that will be way cheaper. One of the greatest things with these lotteries is that you can apply for the latest online gambling bonuses. Furthermore, since they are more common there are more people playing them. And the more people play the bigger the amount of the prize. Also, the jackpots will rise noticeably. One of the best online global lottery providers is 1xBet. You can check out their lottery system through this link. Don’t miss out on the latest online gambling news.


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