3 of the Biggest Cheats in Gambling History

Biggest Cheats in Gambling History

Cheating has been around since the dawn of the gambling industry. Not all players tried to win money in a fair game; some of them discovered pretty successful ways to scam a casino. Here are the biggest cheats in gambling history that rocked the industry. 

The Cutter Gang was a legendary gang of baccarat cheaters 

One of the most iconic casino scammers in modern history, the Cutter Gang was a group of professional baccarat players. All members of the group are supposed to come from Asian countries but their names or identities have never been revealed. Why? Because they were never caught!

In fact, they were suspected but no one managed to prove the gang’s illegal actions. In 2011, the Gaming Control Board received a signal from one of the Cosmopolitan Casino employees who suspected the gang. The specialists arrested its members but let them go as they found no evidence of their cheating. However, it took place thanks to a tiny camera hidden in one player’s cufflink. With this trick, the Cutter Gang spied the cards while cutting the deck, passed on the information during a restroom break, and received winning tips via a small earpiece. This is how the baccarat gang managed to “win” lots of money in Vegas and Macau casinos.

Carmichael’s scamming actions have lasted for four decades

Tommy Glenn Carmichael definitely deserves his place on the list of the biggest cheats in gambling history. The famous American casino scammer has been fooling casinos for four decades, which is an absolute record!

What has he done? In the 1960s, Carmichael was introduced to the “top-bottom joint” which inspired him to leave his job and become a scammer. He earned money by scamming coins out of slot machines. Although he was caught and sent to prison, he didn’t waste his time. In the late 1970s, Carmichael developed his own scamming tool – “the monkey paw” – to keep on hacking slot machines. 

Later on, Carmichael invented “the light wand” to scam more modern slots in the 1990s. He was also selling his invention to other scammers. In 1996, the police arrested him again but his four-decade-long criminal career is still impressive.

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Pasqualini and Rossi’s duo is one of the biggest cheats in gambling history 

Two French poker players were caught cheating in 2009. Jean-Paul Pasqualini and Cedric Rossi entered the list of the biggest cheats in gambling history as the duo dared to cheat at the Partouche Poker Tour Main Event. 

During the investigation, it turned out that Pasqualini and Rossi managed to earn around $2 million before the tournament. They used their own non-verbal communication tools while playing poker in various casinos. That’s how players shared information about cards: they used various gestures, mimics, and sounds to designate each card. However, the perfect plan to cheat at the Partouche Poker Tour was ruined by CCTV cameras.

As a result, Jean-Paul Pasqualini and Cedric Rossi were removed by Global Poker Index from its rankings. Also, the duo received a life ban from participating in poker events.

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