Rhode Island Man Against Sports Betting

Rhode Island man against sports betting fails again.

Rhode Island man against sports betting was failing for the second time and getting ready for round three. Someone in Rhode Island is really against legal sports betting. If I were someone into conspiracy theories I would say that he is someone from an illegal sportsbook. However, I am not into conspiracy theories and most likely this man is only acting on his own goodwill.

Meet Daniel Harrop, Rhode Island man, who is a psychiatrist. He already had one attempt to prevent the legalization of the gambling market. However, he tried and failed once again. While Rhode Island was legalizing online lottery lately they are making similar steps towards sports betting. Try out Intertops Sportsbook if you are about to make some wagers legally.

What Harrop is not realizing

Sports betting or any form of gambling can have a negative effect on people who are vulnerable to things that can carry them away. However, treating these problems is only possible on a market with proper regulations. Regulated markets are offering the chance to monitor people with problematic gambling behaviors and also to offer them proper help. Making gambling illegal is not going to prevent people from playing on illegal sites, however, it will make them invisible for the system. Another benefit of a regulated market is the tax income of players. If people are spending their money with legal operators that is beneficial for the local economics.

The first try to make sports betting illegal

Harrop was running for mayor in Providence in 2014. Fortunately, he was losing. Last year, Rhode Island was deciding to legalize sports betting. Harrop was thinking that is his mission, his glorious duty to stop this from happening. He was arguing that the legalization of sports betting would require a public vote and the acceptance of the majority of the residents. However, a judge was throwing out this inquire stating that Harrop can’t sue the state since he was not impacted by the legalization of sports betting.

Rhode Island man against sports betting strikes again

It didn’t take much time for Harrop to make a bet on some sports events. He managed to lose his bets then he came back to court claiming that now he is a victim of legal sports betting. However, he couldn’t succeed this time either. While his wagering was enough to move his lawsuit forward, the judge was sliding it down from the table. According to the state government, the residents of Rhode Island were giving a green light to the expansion of sports gambling when they were agreeing to allow table games in casinos.

The comment of the Judge, Brian Stern was as it follows. “The court finds that based on the plain language of the referenda questions and the definition of casino gaming … voters had ‘fair notice’ that they were broadly approving all casino gaming and any other game included within the definition of Class III gaming. Voter approval of the Referenda Questions was not strictly limited to table games simply because table games were explicitly listed. Rather, voter approval encompassed all state-operated casino gaming.”

The fight is not over yet – Rhode Island man against sports betting

Harrop was saying that he is going to try again. This time he is going to take his case to the Supreme Court of Rhode Island. It is not likely that he is going to succeed for the third time either. Due to the current recessions states in the US and countries all over the world are trying to grab any income they are capable of. Beyond financial issues, a regulated market is necessary for problem gambling treatment too. You can’t make a bet on whether Harrop is going to be successful next time. However, you are welcome to wager on many different options involving political betting. Find the best online sportsbook bonuses with us.


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