All Pros and Cons of Autoplay Casino Games Listed

pros and cons of autoplay casino games

An autoplay mode is used by online casinos quite often nowadays. It makes the gaming process easier but is the game worth candles? We have listed all the pros and cons of autoplay casino games you should read before you play them for real money.

Online casino games have been significantly improved with the flow of time. In 2021, players can not only find countless varieties of gambling apps but also play them without much effort. To do so, they use an autoplay mode. Let’s see what it is and why is it worth (or not worth) your attention.

An autoplay option in gambling: what is it?

Nowadays, online gambling games are expected to have a high quality, be fast, and easy to play. The latter can be achieved with the help of auto mode, so what does this option do? Check our online gambling guides for beginners to learn more information about gambling tricks.

So, an autoplay mode is a special function available at online casinos. As it might be clear from its name, it allows gamblers to play chosen games not manually but automatically. Once a gambler chooses an automatic mode in any game, it will play the rounds without the player’s involvement. At the same time, he can still control the gaming process and stop the game at any time. 

To use an auto mode, you should find a game that supports this function. Then, all you have to do is place a stake and press the button to let the program play for you. Most online casinos offer such an option nowadays, but it would be useful to read about the pros and cons of autoplay casino games first.

1xBet offers games with an autoplay mode

Pros and cons of autoplay casino games

At a first glance, autoplay seems a very useful option. However, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s check the pros of playing games in auto mode first.

  • Usage of autoplay saves time. All you need to do is place a bet and do your business while the program will keep playing for you. If it wins the game, you will be notified about it.
  • An auto mode makes the gaming process easier. Sometimes, you don’t even need to learn the rules as you will understand how to play as soon as you see the computer playing the game for you.
  • Playing with auto mode doesn’t affect winning chances. Although you might have thought differently, your luck doesn’t depend on how you play this or that game. If you are destined to win, you will win.
  • It can be combined with the latest online casino bonuses.

So, what are the disadvantages of playing games automatically? In fact, there is only one drawback of it: not all casino games have an autoplay option. The majority of games still require a real player’s involvement in the game. For example, you can’t play card games like poker or blackjack with the help of auto mode as they need you to make decisions about stakes, hands, etc. 

However, there are still many games you can play without much effort. If the pros and cons of autoplay casino games don’t bother you, let’s see which games you can play automatically in 2021.

pros and cons of autoplay casino games
No need to play casino games on your own anymore!

Games you can play using auto mode

Predictably, slot games top the list of the games you can play using the autoplay button. All you have to do to win at slots is match symbols, so the program will help you to spin the reels more than you could do by yourself. Almost all slots at 1xBet support an autoplay function, including Desert Drug, Classico, Fruit Cocktail, Gold of Ra, 7s, and so on.

Another game you can win at using auto mode is the lottery. To win, you need to mark a certain number of numbers on your ticket and wait for the draw. Then, you learn whether your marked numbers coincide with the winning ones and you either win or lose. You can pick your number manually or let the program do it for you. Besides the lottery, you can do the same thing while playing bingo.

Finally, there are many exclusive 1xBet Games you can play using autoplay. You can find them in the 1xGames section. Their variety includes dice games like Hot Dice, Games Mania, and Dice itself; card games including Lucky Card, Killer Clubs, Hi-Lo, and Card War. If this is not enough, play such exotic games like Bottle or Fruit Blast using an autoplay mode.


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