Online vs Live Bingo – Difference Between 2 Bingo Games

Online vs Live Bingo

Do you know the difference between online vs live bingo? Despite they are basically the same game, the way you play it may affect the winning chances. Herein we will compare two types of bingo games to decide which one is better to play to win money. 

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world. At first, land-based bingo halls emerged as a funny and profitable form of entertainment. With the development of the Internet, bingo’s transition to online platforms was inevitable. Online games not only gave bingo a new lease of life but also made its offline version popular again. However, which type of bingo should you play if you want to win? In this guide, we will compare live bingo to online bingo and discuss their benefits.

Online vs live bingo: what should you play? 

Before we start, let’s understand the difference between live and online bingo. Basically, they are just two ways to play the same game with minor differences. If you haven’t played bingo before, learn the rules before you choose your way to win at this classic game.

Bingo is a game of chance played by crossing off the numbers you have on your tickets when they are called out. To play the game, you have to purchase a bingo ticket, cross off all numbers of your choice, and wait for the draw. If you’ve crossed the numbers that are drawn, you win. 

The main difference between live and online bingo is the way you play it. To play live bingo, you have to find a bingo hall, buy a paper ticket, fill it, and wait for the draw. In online bingo, you can do it all remotely: just find a bingo (casino) site, buy and fill an e-ticket, and know your result immediately.

So, which type of bingo should you play? Let’s take a look at the main factors that matter in the online vs live bingo competition.

Online vs Live Bingo

Speed & easiness

Undoubtedly, online bingo is the easiest and fastest way to play bingo. All you have to do to play it online is having a good Internet connection and a laptop/PC/smartphone. You just sign up for the bingo site, choose the game, and play. Simple as ABC!

At the same time, live bingo requires you to find a bingo hall in your city. There are many venues in countries where bingo is popular (e.g. the UK) but most countries can’t boast of a variety of bingo halls. Although it is harder to play bingo offline, some people still prefer this old-school way of playing the game.


Online bingo games offer various bonuses, deals, and promotions to encourage players to join. They not only help online platforms to attract new users but also help players to get rewards and exclusive prizes. From time to time, bingo sites like CyberBingo run tournaments you can join 24/7. All this makes online bingo way more entertaining and profitable than its live counterpart.

You can always check the latest online bingo bonuses to play the game under the best conditions.

Variety of games

Online bingo comes first again. Nowadays, the variety of online bingo games is amazing. Casino & bingo sites try their best to attract players by offering the most unusual games and themed tickets. At the same time, bingo halls usually offer standard tickets that will satisfy conservative players.


Price is one of the key factors that influence the outcome of the online vs live bingo battle. Surprisingly, there is a difference in pricing between live and online bingo games. An extra point goes to online bingo.

In general, online bingo sites offer reduced prices for their bingo games. The higher price of live bingo can be explained by the necessity to make paper tickets as well as pay for the space occupied by halls and staffing costs.

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