All the Greatest Online TV Gambling Games to Play in 2024

Online TV Gambling Games

Years ago, television games were prevalent across the globe. It was an excellent opportunity to wake up rich and famous after winning in a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? or any other similar show. Nowadays, such games are available to play at online casinos. Interested? Check the list of the best online TV gambling games in 2024, and try your luck now!

Everyone dreamt about winning big money on a popular TV show and becoming a new local superstar thanks to unbelievable luck, intelligence, or a combination of both. Luckily, such a possibility didn’t disappear with the popularity of television. In 2024, players can still become a part of these popular games and benefit from them, but at online casinos. 

Top-3 online TV gambling games to boost your gaming routine

Back in the 2000s, numerous games and quizzes gave you the opportunity to win money thanks to your luck and intelligence. In 2024, they all can be reached at online gambling sites like King Billy, 1xBET, or Vegas Crest. 

All you need to do to win millions is to check the full list of must-try TV games, find the best online casino bonuses, and use them to win real cash. If you don’t know which game suits you, our helpful guide is here with the top 3 online TV gambling games in 2024.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (or simply Millionaire) is probably the most famous TV game of all time. The same-name show originated in the UK in 1998 and became extremely popular in most countries of the world. It is a quiz game where participants have to answer questions on various topics, from history to science. Every correct answer puts some cash in the player’s pocket. In the end, a lucky winner earns a million if he or she answers all 15 questions correctly.

Online TV Gambling Games

In 2024, playing Millionaire is possible at online casinos. Unfortunately, the original version of the game cannot be played in a gambling format, but fans can enjoy themed slots. For example, the Millionaire slot by Megaways is probably the most popular game based on the TV show, with similar visuals, music, and a quiz-like theme.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is one of the most iconic online TV gambling games in 2024. This live game has been trendy at online casinos since its launch by Evolution. According to the latest online casino news, Dream Catcher will be improved by next year to become more exciting to play.

The rules of Dream Catcher are quite simple. The live game has a large 52-segment wheel with numbers plus 2x and 7x segments. Also, there is a host who spins the wheel and entertains the audience while they are making their bets. To win money, players have to bet on one number to be shown on the wheel. 2x and 7x segments help to multiply winnings x2 or x7 times respectively. 

Dream Catcher is available as a live game at nearly any online casino, including Vegas Crest.


Finally, Trivia by Playtech is one of the best online TV gambling games you can enjoy in 2024. It is a quiz-like game where you must answer questions to win cash. If you give ten correct answers in a row, you win. As Trivia was initially made for sports fans, most questions are about sport and football in particular. Players can find this game at online casinos offering live games, such as Vegas Crest. Additionally, Trivia, Millionaire, and Dream Catcher are all available for players 24/7, which is an obvious advantage of today’s television-based gambling games.

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