Online Casino Promotions – Why Should You Keep An Eye On Them?

online casino promotions

Online casino promotions are best friends for die-hard gamblers. Once you spend your welcome bonus, you will be looking for other ways to bet for free. This is where promo offers enter the stage, so let’s take a closer look at them.

Are online casino promotions different from bonuses?

When it comes to online gambling, bonuses and promotions are the two things that help casinos attract and then keep their users. Although bonus and promo offers may look similar – both offer different perks to players – there is a big difference between the two. 

Different types of casino bonuses are typically given as a reward for signing up or making a deposit, and are usually permanent. Whenever you join the platform for the first time, you are highly likely to see the same 100% bonus or free spin offer untouched. 

On the other hand, promo offers are ongoing campaigns that casinos run to engage their existing players. They can take various forms, such as cashback offers, free spins, tournaments, exclusive games, and other special events.

Unlike bonuses, promotions are short-term. You must join the offer and fulfill the requirements before the offer disappears or is replaced with another deal. It makes promos more engaging for gamblers, who always have new ways to diversify their gameplay. 

Another difference between online casino promotions and bonuses lies in their terms and conditions. The latter often come with specific wagering requirements that need to be met before any winnings can be withdrawn, while promos are more flexible and player-friendly. 

Both latest online casino bonuses and promotions have the same goal – provide players with extra benefits. However, promo deals are much more diverse and exciting than bonuses, that’s why so many long-term gamblers enjoy them.

online casino promotions

Popular types of casino promotions you can benefit from

Online casino promotions are all exclusive offers that carry different rewards and events, including tournaments, competitions, new games, etc. Let’s explore four popular types of promotions that you are likely to see on all gambling platforms and what perks they may include. 

Seasonal promotions

Seasonal promotions are exactly what their name means. These are campaigns casinos launch to celebrate specific times of the year. These deals range from holiday-themed offers to promotions celebrating the change of seasons. 

For example, in winter, many operators run snow and Christmas-themed specials that give the chance to win various prizes you associate with this season. Similarly, summer-themes promotions often invite you to try beach and vacation-themed games to win money or even tickets to real trips.

Holiday promotions

Holiday promotions are similar to seasonal promotions but are devoted to major holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Easter, and Thanksgiving. During these holidays, operators offer players a plethora of exciting events. Some online casinos also celebrate lesser-known occasions, such as St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween. These promotions often incorporate themed games, unique bonuses, and exclusive rewards for new and loyal players.

Holiday online casino promotions are not just limited to the actual day of the holiday. Many sites extend their deals to cover the whole holiday season, allowing players to enjoy the festivities and reap the rewards for an extended period.

online casino promotions

Special promotions

Special promotions are unique campaigns that make each casino stand out. These promotions often revolve around strengths of specific casinos, their themes, partnerships, etc. For example, operators may collaborate with popular franchises to launch special promotions featuring exclusive games and prizes related to the game or movie. These promotions not only offer exciting rewards but also provide players with a chance to engage with their favorite films in a new way.

Promos can also be tied to significant milestones or achievements, such as casino birthdays. To celebrate the important date with their users, casinos run special promotions that offer large rewards and exclusive perks. These promotions not only reward existing players but also serve as an opportunity for new players to join the party.

Regular promotions

Regular promotions are ongoing campaigns available to players on a permanent basis. These promotions are designed to reward players for their loyalty and provide them with regular incentives to keep coming back. Examples of regular promotions include weekly cashback offers, reload bonuses, loyalty programs, and VIP rewards. Other forms of online casino promotions are tournaments and prize draws.

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