Online Bingo Bonuses for Bingo Players in 2022

Online Bingo Bonuses 2022

To enhance your chance of winning at bingo, look for bonuses and promotions. They may help to receive exclusive perks and free cash to buy bingo cards. Interested? Check the latest online bingo bonuses in spring 2022. 

Online bingo bonuses are one of the best ways to boost your chances of winning this popular game of chance. A wide selection of bonuses is available both for new and existing players at bingo sites. Learn everything about bingo bonuses and promotions available on the internet and check the latest offers in 2022. 

What are online bingo bonuses?

Bingo bonuses are special rewards given to players for taking certain actions. For example, new players can receive bingo bonuses for signing up for a bingo site. However, bonuses are usually available for all players regardless of their status and experience. All you have to do to claim bonuses is fulfill necessary requirements mentioned in the bonus description and take your reward.

Bonuses are usually given to bingo players in one of the following forms:

  • No deposit bonuses. They are given to new players only. This is a reward that is given for creating an account at a bingo site. No deposit has to be made to claim this type of bingo bonus. You are then given a certain number of bingo cards. Usually, you can use them on selected games or rooms. If you win any money using free cards, you will have to make a deposit to withdraw your winnings. 
  • Loyalty bonuses. This type of online bingo bonus is given to existing players who have been playing bingo at a particular site for a long time. Depending on the site, you may get points to exchange for cards, free cards, access to exclusive bingo games and rooms. 
  • Discounts. No need to explain this popular bonus. Discounted cards belong to the most popular tools of attraction of new players. Besides standard discounts on bingo cards, there can also be special offers like 1+1=3. 
  • Guaranteed jackpots. Online bingo sites sometimes launch games or tournaments with guaranteed prizes. At most sites, only loyal players can play these games but there can be exceptions among the latest online bingo bonuses. 
  • Seasonal offers. Seasonal offers are exclusive bonuses that are given to players every season. For example, bingo sites can launch Easter-themed games with extra prizes or bonuses in spring. 
  • Exclusive promotions. These are bonuses offered on special occasions like birthdays, the launch of a new game, etc. 
Online Bingo Bonuses 2022
Where to find the best bingo bonuses in 2022?

Best online bingo bonuses in 2022

Where can you find the best online bingo bonuses in 2022? Finding a good offer is not that easy as not all bonuses are the same at different sites. Below, we have listed some of the juiciest offers for bingo players in spring 2022. Pay attention that you need to enter a bonus code to activate certain offers.

  • 888Ladies – get a 200% bonus and 15 free spins. For new players only. Bonus code – LADIESPIN 
  • Quality Bingo – get 2022 free bingo tickets and 30 free spins. For new players only. Bonus code – Q2022 
  • Pizazz Bingo – get a 100% bingo bonus and 200 free spins. For new players only. Bonus code – BINGO200 
  • Betfair Bingo – get a $50 bonus and 30 free spins. For new players only. Bonus code – BIN050 
  • BonusBingo – get a 300% or 500% free bonus on all your deposits. For new players only. No bonus code is needed. 
  • Bingo Fest – get a 500% bonus and 25 free spins. For new players only. No bonus code is needed.

Play bingo using bonuses at Bingo Fest


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