New Year Gambling Traditions

New Year Gambling Traditions

According to Chinese culture, there are many ways of attracting Lady Luck when it comes to gambling. Some tips and tricks can help gamblers to hit the jackpot in casinos or make successful bets. If you want to improve your luck, follow these New Year gambling traditions and win more in 2021.

There are many gambling superstitions players try to follow. The most popular ones include avoiding sex before gambling as it can scare luck. Another one states about not washing your “lucky” hands between the rounds. The last popular taboo touches upon counting money at the tables. Besides these beliefs, the Chinese have traditions they try to follow to attract luck. Usually, they come into force after New Year, so it is the right time to start gambling in a new way!

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New Year gambling traditions
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Don’t touch other players if you want to win

Touching other players in a casino is one of the main taboos in gambling. According to beliefs, it can scare Lady Luck, especially while gambling on New Year’s Day. While in the casino, try to avoid contact with your opponents and do not touch their cards, hands, shoulders. Also, don’t allow other people to touch you even if they want to show their support. 

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The taboo on touching other players is similar to having intimacy or washing hands between lucky rounds by its meaning. It is believed to take away your luck and give it to another person. We know how badly you want to hug someone on New Year’s Day, but if you want to gamble, you better stay away from the crowd.

You should wear red clothing while gambling

Probably, the hottest one of New Year gambling traditions is wearing red clothing in a casino. To be more exact, gamblers should wear underwear of a “lucky” color to hit the jackpot in a new year. Let’s see why the Chinese believe it may help to become a millionaire one day.

According to old Chinese beliefs, red is a color of luck, joy, and victory. It is also believed to ward off evil. Red is a very popular color in the local culture as well as China’s national color. That’s why local gamblers prefer wearing red to win in casinos, but hide the lucky color under other clothes.

New Year gambling traditions
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“Dinging” is among New Year gambling traditions

One of the oldest and funniest New Year traditions in gambling is called dinging. Gamblers use the term “Ding” while playing table games like baccarat or poker. After learning about all the latest online poker updates, read why the Chinese follow such a unique tradition.

The tradition of dinging has passed across many generations. Speaking this word out loud had to take place before the cards were opened. People believed that it helped to attract luck like smashing a bottle of champagne before the maiden voyage of a ship. In addition, “ding” is a typical sound for New Year and Christmas songs! 

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