An Updated List of Poker Hand Nicknames

poker hand nicknames

Poker is probably the most iconic casino game with a long history. Its development through the years has resulted in the emergence of some interesting poker hand nicknames based on historical figures, time-reflecting events, songs and movies, and so on. What are these nicknames?

Poker is not just a gambling game you can play with friends to kill time or test your skills in casinos. Poker culture is an integral part of the gambling industry. There are many poker communities where people discuss tournaments, develop strategies, and share their thoughts on non-related topics. There are poker clubs where people play only different poker games as opposed to land-based or online casinos. Finally, poker players have their own terminology, starting from slang and ending with poker hand nicknames.

In this article, we are going to focus on the fifty most popular nicknames of poker hands every dedicated player should know. Scroll down to learn more about them!

25 popular poker hand nicknames

If you intend to play poker on any level, you should have already learned all poker hand rankings from our online poker guides for beginners. It is important to know about winning combinations in Texas Hold’Em and other popular poker variations. However, if your aim is to go further and become a true poker pro, you should know the nicknames of poker hands. It will show you as a true enthusiast and serious contender. Below you will find the 25 most popular nicknames for common poker hands.

AAAAK – Knights of the Round Table

AAAA – Musketeers, Team Rocket

AAQQ – Aqua

KKKK – Kings of Leon, Horsemen

KKKQQ – Buckingham Palace

KKQQ – ABBA, Mommas and Poppas

QQQQJ – Bachelor’s Dream

QAAK – The Duck

JA55 – Jazz

JJJ55 – Jackson Five

TTTT – Larry

999 – Extra Virgin

888 – Television Subtitles

7733 – Queens of the Stone Age

6667J – Devil’s Convenience Store

666 – Devil, Lucifer, Beast

555 – Washington Monument

4444 – Yacht Club

444 – Grand Jury

3333 – Four Trees

3322 – Socks and Shoes

3A4A5 – Pi

2222 – Mighty Ducks

222AA – Marksman 

222 – Huey, Dewey, and Louie

poker hand nicknames
There are many interesting poker hand nicknames you couldn’t think about

25 starting poker hands nicknames

Not only winning poker combinations have their nicknames. There are also starting poker hands that have received unique names based on various historical, scientific, or fictional works or characters. To impress your friends or other players, learn the 25 unofficial names of starting hands in Texas Hold’Em. Don’t forget to read about the best and worst starting poker hands in poker too.

AA – Pocket Rockets, Bullets, American Airlines, Batteries, Apollo 11

AK – Kalashnikov, King Arthur, Santa Barbara

AQ – Big Chick, Rocket Queen, Antony & Cleopatra

AJ – Ajax, Blackjack, Jackass, Apple Jacks

KK – Cowboys, Gorillas, King Kong, Kangaroos, Elvis Presley

KQ (suited) – Marriage

KQ (offsuit) – Mixed Marriage, Othello

KJ – Kojak, Jackie Kennedy, Just Kidding

QQ – Ladies, Siegfried & Roy, Hilton Sisters, Canadian Aces

QJ – Maverick, Hawaii, JQuery

QT – Qutie, Tarantino, Q-Tip

Q9 – Quinie

JJ – Fish Hooks, Jaybirds, One Eyed Jacks, Jar Jars

JT – Justin Timberlake

J8 – Jeffrey Dahmer, Jacket

J7 – Jack Daniels

TT – Dimes, TNT, Tension, Train Tracks

99 – German Virgin, Hitlers, Barbara Feldon

88 – Snowmen, Time Travel, Dog Balls. Piano Keys

77 – Sunset Strip, Saturn, Candy Canes, Axes

66 – Route 66, Boots, Kicks, Cherries

55 – Speed Limit, Nickels, Snakes, Presto

44 – Obama, Sailboats, Luke Skywalker, Magnum

33 – Crabs, Treys, Lucky Dragon

22 – Ducks, Quack Quack, Deuces

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