How to Spot a Scam Casino or Sportsbook – 5 Tips That Really Help

How to Spot a Scam Casino

Do you know how to spot a scam casino, sportsbook, or lottery? Every gambler has to know how to do it in order to keep his money and data safe. Here are five useful tips that will help you to avoid fake gambling sites. 

5 tips on how to spot a scam casino or betting site

As more and more people switch to online gambling these days, scammers don’t mind ripping them off. Unfortunately, there is a certain number of fake betting & casino sites along with lotto sites you better avoid. But how to spot an untrustworthy one? Check our tips and pay attention to them while looking for a gambling site in the future. 

Check the license of the site you want to sign up for

This is the number-one rule every gambler has to follow. Before signing up for any gambling site, check whether it has a license or not. Every reputable casino, sportsbook, lotto, or bingo site must be licensed, otherwise, it is likely to be a scam. This is written in all online gambling guides for beginners.

The casino license is your guarantee that your data will stay within the site only and you will get your winnings in case of hitting the jackpot. In other words, it is the permission issued by the special committee as a valid proof that the site operates legally. So, make sure you check the license on the bottom of each page of the gambling site before sharing your data with it. The absence of the license is a red light that points at scammers.

888casino is a time-tested gambling site

Don’t trust suspicious mails from casinos and sportsbooks

Another way to spot a suspicious casino/sportsbook/lottery is getting emails, SMS, or any other messages you’ve never asked for. Even if you are a frequent guest at a certain gambling site, it shouldn’t spam your virtual post box with letters. Surely, if you haven’t subscribed for all its updates.

The most common type of scam emails touches upon jackpots. Scammers write that you’ve won a prize and ask you to click on their link to get it or send your personal data to claim the money. Never trust messages like this; otherwise, your data can be stolen. So, spam is another warning about a scam casino.

Check the list of games at a potential scam casino site

If you wonder how to spot a scam casino at a first glance, simply check its games. A reputable online casino has a wide variety of games from top gaming vendors like IGT, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, and so on. Also, good sites usually have live games and this means their cooperation with real-world casinos.

However, this method can be a bit tricky. Not all gambling sites prioritize live gambling but it doesn’t make them scammers. In addition, casinos sometimes focus on one particular game: lottery, bingo, slots. 888poker has only poker games, for example, but 888 Holdings is one of the biggest gambling companies in the world.

How to Spot a Scam Casino
Sometimes, it is not easy to spot a scam casino

Learn everything about payment/payout methods 

This is a good way to learn how to spot a scam casino. Before you play any game at a casino site or place a bet on sports, check all the terms & conditions about payments. In general, trustworthy gambling sites offer different payment options to their users. They usually include debit/credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets. At least three currencies have to be available to deposit or withdraw money. Also, some top casinos also work with crypto. 

Read other gamblers’ reviews about gambling sites

Finally, reading other people’s reviews always helps to spot a scam casino. Gamblers who faced dishonest owners of online casinos usually warn their fellows about potential scammers. Also, if a gambling site has been ever mentioned on any blacklist, it is likely to be illegal. Make sure to google the casino you are interested in before signing up for it or depositing money. Follow the latest online gambling news to stay informed about fake casinos and sportsbooks that have been revealed.


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