Future of Sports Betting

What is the future of sports betting?

With a lack of sports events, sports betting has changed radically over the past few months. What is the future of sports betting? Esports are going to emerge of fall back after sports events turn back: Let’s check out the possibilities for the sports betting industry.

With the lack of sports events, bettors were looking for new opportunities. Surprising games were emerging like Table Tennis and Belarussian Football, not to talk about esports  Excluding esports and computer-generated virtual sports, these random sports betting markets for invisible in the past.

Sports betting is not going to turn back to normal from one second to another

While there is a huge demand for traditional sports betting we should wait for it’s return at full. Obviously, everything depends on what sports are going to return and in which order. For example, the return of UFC on May 9 was bringing more traffic than it usually do. However, it is not even closing to the expectations towards European football pages like the German Bundesliga.

The return of Bundesliga – The future of sports betting

Everyone was expecting that once football returns esports revenues are going to drop. However, it is quite contradictory. Except for a drop in the revenue for many operators, the last week was bringing record turnovers for esports. Okay, Bundesliga is not the biggest league, however, this fact can tell us something about the future. According to some opinions maybe even 30-40% of people are going to stay with esports even after the return of live sports.

Esports is not a surefire way

While many are very optimistic about esports there is always another side to the story. It is very probable that most people will go back to their traditional betting options. However, others will sick with esports. We also have to add that the ones who are experiencing esports now for the first time are most likely going to come back during periods when there are not so many sports events going on. operators also have to distinguish between esports and virtual sports. Bookmakers have to measure their own markets and adjust the betting offers accordingly. In the US, for example, iRacing stands out. NASCAR iRacing has about 1 million viewers, which is the third of the average audience of NASCAR.

Sport based esports might be the future of sports betting

Sporting based games were very popular among esports. It’s a bit of a surprise, however, the modern graphics are making these games very enjoyable. FIFA or NBA2K is right there for everybody to be a betting option. The question remains, is this trend going to continue? For the British market, we can say that bettors are not really big fans of esports. At the time where there were many live sports events, it wasn’t very popular. And even now, with particularly no betting sports betting market they are still not dominating the sector. It is hard to tell yet why esports is not that popular. However, the interest shown in sporting based virtual sports is great, and it can be a good way to go forward.

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