Online Bingo Games With The Best Odds

bingo games with the best odds

As a popular game of chance, bingo comes in various types and forms that may confuse beginner players. For example, do you know what bingo games with the best odds you can play at online bingo sites? Here are the three best picks for bingo players that allow them to win real money.

Bingo is a game of chance that is very easy to play. Following the rules of all variants of bingo, players mark off numbers on their cards in correspondence to the winning numbers. Cards and numbers vary depending on the game you play. Nowadays, there are five popular bingo types played with 90, 80, 75, 50, and 30 balls respectively. Which games from this list have the best odds for players?

Three bingo games with the best odds

Not all bingo games offer the same chance of winning. Depending on cards, their winning patterns, and the overall number of balls in the game, bingo can be easier or harder for players to win. What are the three bingo games with the best odds out of the five popular types of the game? According to the bingo sites, they are:

  • 75 Ball bingo
  • 80 Ball bingo
  • Speed bingo


bingo games with the best odds

75 Ball bingo

75 Ball bingo, also known as American bingo, is one of the two most popular versions of the game. As it is clear from its name, American bingo is played with 75 balls numbered from 1 to 75. This is the first factor that makes 75 Ball bingo easier to play in comparison to another popular version of the game – British bingo.

Besides that, 75 Ball bingo has a unique card pattern that contributes to the player’s odds of winning. It has 25 cells arranged on a 5×5 grid with an empty cell in the middle. The winning pattern on these cards varies from one game to another. It can be standard vertical or horizontal lines, but it can also be letters, geometric shapes, forms of lucky charms, and so on. This makes American bingo much more interesting to play, while the presence of an empty cell contributes to the player’s winning chances as this cell is always considered filled.

80 Ball bingo

This version of bingo is not as famous as all other bingo games. However, 80 Ball bingo is a great game for players as they have relatively high chances of winning in comparison to other bingo types. Balls numbered from 1 to 80 make it easier to find matching numbers on cards than in 90 Ball bingo, for example. The grid of 4×4 is also simpler and contains sixteen numbers. You need to match just one line to win your share of a prize or cover the whole pattern to hit the jackpot. But this isn’t it.

As 80 Ball bingo is not the most popular game, it attracts fewer players than other bingo variations. It makes the competition less tough regardless of the way you play it. So, if in a bingo hall or at a bingo site, choose 80 Ball bingo. While playing it inline, don’t also forget to use the best online bingo promotions and bonus offers for new players.

Speed bingo

Speed bingo is among the bingo games with the best odds. As its name suggests, it is a dynamic version of bingo that features just 30 balls from 1 to 30. The card in the game features just nine cells on a 3×3 grid. It already sounds like the easiest bingo game to play, doesn’t it? Add to this the possibility to win money for covering just one or two lines, to say nothing about the whole card.

There is one more great thing about 30-ball bingo. As we have already mentioned, this is a fast-paced game that takes minutes to play. It means that players can play and win dozens of Speed Bingo rounds and it takes the same amount of time as one round in American or British bingo. Hence, the chances of winning also grow!

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