All Royal Family Predictions In 2021

Royal Family Predictions In 2021

There are many interesting Royal Family predictions in 2021 that are worth your attention. Let’s see what’s going on with the most popular monarchy in the world.

British Crown betting has been popular for decades. With the development of the Internet, it became even more widespread as people from all over the world got the possibility to follow the Royals. There are countless predictions about the future of the monarchy, Royal babies and their names, possible marriages, and divorces. Let’s check the most popular Royal Family predictions in 2021.

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Popular Royal Family predictions in 2021

Predictably, most Royal Family betting predictions that exist touch upon Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been under the spotlight since “Megxit” – the day when they decided to quit their Royal duties. Since then, online sportsbooks have been making predictions about Meghan and Harry’s further steps.

Last February, the couple announced that they were expecting their second child. This resulted in countless Royal baby predictions. Let’s take a look at them!

All Harry and Meghan’s second child predictions

According to the latest online sportsbook news, there are many guesses and rumors about the next Royal baby. One of them has been recently confirmed: in their scandalous interview with Oprah, Meghan and Harry revealed that their second baby is a girl. Such an announcement resulted in one of the most popular predictions about the girl’s name.

The bookies’ predictions look surprisingly good in their unity regarding the Royal baby’s name. From the moment Meghan and Harry announced the baby’s sex, odds on one of the variants have gone sky-high. Surely, we are talking about the name Diana.

The idea of naming Harry’s daughter after his mother seems the most logical and heartwarming at the same time. As we all know, Princess Diana died in a car accident when Harry was only 12 years old. Following his own words, her death left “a huge hole” inside him. That’s why everyone is convinced that at least the second name of Harry and Meghan’s daughter will be Diana.

The other Meghan and Harry’s Royal Family predictions in 2021 touch upon the following themes:

  • Weight of Meghan and Harry’s daughter 
  • Day/month of birth of the baby
  • The couple’s return to the UK
  • The Sussexes to visit Australia in 2021
  • Meghan and Harry to lose their Royal titles
Royal Family Predictions In 2021
No bets on Elizabeth II this time

Meghan Markle will release her debut novel in 2021

Earlier this month, Meghan Markle announced the release of her debut children’s book The Bench. This led to new predictions emerging at the bookies. Will the Duchess’s novel be successful among readers? Will she receive awards for her masterpiece? All these questions arose as soon as Markle shared her plans to publish The Bench. 

Following Markle’s words, the novel was inspired by Harry’s relationship with their son Archie. The book itself is an interpretation of the father-son bond seen through Meghan’s eyes. Initially, The Bench was a Father’s Day poem that transformed into a children’s book with a flow of time.

The Bench will be out on June 8, 2021. The book is already predicted to top New York Times as a bestseller. Also, the novel has a big chance to receive some literary awards including Golden Kite Awards, Coretta Scott King Award, and the Caldecott Medal.


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