The Difference Between VIP Players and High Rollers

VIP players and high rollers

Who are VIP players and high rollers in the casino industry? Is there any difference between them? And what are the perks of having VIP/high roller status? In this guide, we are giving answers to these popular questions.

Nowadays, everyone can enjoy playing gambling games at online casino sites or in land-based casinos. There are almost no limits for players from different corners of the world. However, not all gamblers are treated equally by their casinos. To encourage gamblers to stay with them and play on high stakes, most casinos offer to get a VIP/high roller status.

Being a VIP player or high roller opens many doors for both professional players and eager fans of casino games. It brings along various benefits that are exclusively available for the most dedicated players. Let’s see what is the difference between VIP players and high rollers as well as the perks they get from casinos. 

VIP players and high rollers: who are they?

Who are VIP gamblers and high rollers at online casinos? VIP or Very Important Person is a player who is special to a casino and is treated better due to their importance to it. Typically, VIPs have a corresponding status at online casinos and are known for spending lots of money on gambling games and getting various benefits for it. 

In their turn, high rollers are players who bet large amounts of money on a permanent basis. They also receive lavish rewards and the best online casino bonuses from casinos as “thank you” for placing big bets over a long period of time. 

Is there any difference between VIPs and high rollers?

Although there seems to be a difference between VIPs and high rollers, they practically mean the same thing. Both terms refer to a special status of players who contribute much to casinos and receive perks in return. These perks carry different benefits depending on the casino site top players are registered. 

The only thing that makes one mix VIP players with high rollers is that some online casinos use one term instead of another. Usually, VIPs can be easily recognized because of a “VIP” badge that is attached to their profile. High rollers are rarely labeled with a “High Roller” badge or something like that, so it is more difficult to identify them.

In addition, the term “high roller” is more frequently used at online casinos rather than in land-based casinos. Real gambling venues usually introduce their most loyal and important guests as VIPs.

VIP players and high rollers

Benefits of being a VIP high roller

We have already explained how to become a VIP casino player if you want to be treated like a king. In brief, you need to place large bets on casino games on a permanent basis, get an invitation to join the club, or know someone from casino management. But what will you get in return?

VIP players and high rollers enjoy various perks regardless of the way they play casino games. Let’s now take a look at the major advantages of being a special guest in gambling establishments or at online casinos.

High rollers and VIPs in land-based casinos get access to the following benefits: 

  • Free tickets to various events (parties, concerts, tournaments, etc)
  • Free hotel rooms in casino resorts
  • Discounts on plane tickets and car rental
  • Free transfer from/to the airport
  • Partial coverage of shopping expenses
  • Access to VIP rooms and lounge zones
  • Free drinks and meals

If you prefer playing gambling games online, you will be offered the next perks:

  • Your personal account manager and technical support
  • Advanced bonuses and exclusive promotions 
  • Special games and rooms
  • Early access to new games
  • No withdrawal limits
  • Free withdrawals
  • Regular rewards and birthday gifts
  • Advanced points that can be converted to cash
  • Invitations to real tournaments and other events

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