Twenty Starting Poker Hands in Holdem Ranked

starting poker hands in Holdem

Texas Holdem is one of the best and easiest poker variations. Before you play it for real money, you need to know the ranking of all winning poker hands and starting poker hands in Holdem. Learn why it is important from our article. 

Poker is a gambling game that requires players to have a solid knowledge of the rules. In particular, players need to know the ranking of poker hands that can make them winners. Besides that, the knowledge of the value of starting hands is also important if you want to make the best decisions during the game. 

As Texas Holdem is considered the best form of poker, we will explain the value of poker hands based on this game. So, learn how to play Holdem at online casinos and what hands to focus on to win.

Texas Holdem is the most popular form of poker

Holdem is undoubtedly one of the most popular and recognizable poker variations in the world. If you already know some basic poker rules from online poker guides for beginners, playing Holdem won’t be difficult for you. The aim of this poker game is to finish the game with the best hand possible and beat the hands of other players.

At the beginning of the game, each player receives two cards face down. These cards are called hole cards or a starting hand. Then, players enter the round of betting where they can fold, bet, or check based on their starting hands. 

As soon as betting is over, three community cards are dealt face-up, one by one. The reveal of each card is followed by betting rounds called flop, turn, and river. When the last bettings are done, players reveal their cards. The owner of the strongest hand wins the game unless someone bluffs or bets enough to force everyone else to fold.

starting poker hands in Holdem
Below you will find the twenty best starting poker hands in Texas Holdem

Starting poker hands in Holdem ranked

Card ranking in Texas Holdem is the same as in most poker variations. Royal Flush is the strongest hand you can get, while High Card is the weakest one. Take a look at the list of the best and worst poker hands to learn their value in Holdem.

There is one more thing players need to know about. This is starting poker hands in Holdem. The knowledge of the value of your starting hand (two hole cards) will help you to evaluate your chances of getting a better hand in the future. Also, it will help you to make the best decisions about betting and even folding until it’s too late.

So, what are the twenty best starting hands you can keep to improve?

  1. Two Aces
  2. Two Kings 
  3. Two Queens
  4. TwoJacks
  5. Ace-King (same suit)
  6. Two Tens
  7. Ace-King (different suits)
  8. Ace-Queen (same suit)
  9. Two Nines
  10. Ace-Jack (same suit)
  11. King-Queen (same suit)
  12. Ace-Ten (same suit)
  13. Ace-Queen  (different suits)
  14. Two Eights
  15. King-Jack (same suit)
  16. King-Ten (same suit)
  17. Queen-Jack (same suit)
  18. Ace-Jack  (different suits)
  19. King-Queen (different suits)
  20. Queen-Ten (same suit)

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