All Poker Winning Hands in Order – Poker Hands Ranked

poker winning hands in order

To play poker, you should learn about poker winning hands in order. This is one of the basic rules of this popular card game. Here you have all poker hands ranked from lowest to highest.

Poker is a popular gambling game played at online casinos, land-based locations, and even parties. Regardless of the way you play poker, you need to know the rules of the game to join. Check what are the most important poker rules to remember.

Furthermore, every player needs to know the poker hands ranking to start playing. Poker hands are combinations of cards you collect to play with. The better the hand, the higher winning chances. We have listed all poker winning hands in order to make it easier to memorize them.

Poker winning hands in order

Poker hands are usually the same for all poker variations that exist. There are a few exceptions, e.g. in which the lowest hand wins but this is another story. Here you have all poker hands ranked in the most popular games – Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, etc. If you learn the ranking of poker hands and the probability of each hand to show up, your winning chances will significantly improve.   

So, take a look at the table below to see all poker hands ranked from lowest (worst) to highest (best). Also, check the latest online poker bonuses to play poker games with extra benefits. 

HandDescriptionExampleNumber of combinations (ca.)
High CardThe best card in a handAce, K, Q, J, etc1,302,000
PairTwo cards of the same rankTwo 6s1,098,000
Two PairsTwo pairs of two matching cards of the same rankTwo 4s and two 10s123.552
Three of a KindThree cards of the same rankThree 9s54,912
StraightFive cards in a row but of different suits8, 9, 10, J, Q10,200
FlushFive cards of the same suit but in a random order2, 6, 9, J, A of hearts5,108
Full HousePair + Three of a KindTwo 7s and three Queens3,740
Four of a KindFours cards of the same rankFour Jacks624
Straight FlushFive cards in a row and of the same suit4, 5, 6, 7, 8 of hearts36
Royal FlushThe highest cards in a deck in a row and of the same suit 10, J, Q, K, Ace of hearts (diamonds, spades or clubs)4

Exceptions in poker hands

Usually, hands from the table above are used in most poker games. However, there are a few exceptions you should remember. They are Razz Poker and Omaha Hi-Lo.

If you play Razz, pay attention that the lowest hand is the best possible one. It means that the highest card is the best combination you can get, while Royal Flush is the worst one. This rule also applies to all games that include Lo, Low-Hand, or Lowball in their names.

In addition to this, different rules regarding poker hands ranking apply to a special kind of Omaha – Hi-Lo. If you play Omaha Hi-Lo, remember that the prize is divided between the player with the highest-ranking hand and the lowest-ranking hand.

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