How to Succeed at Live Dealer Casinos – Top-5 Tips for Players

how to succeed at live dealer casinos

Ever wondered how to succeed at live dealer casinos? We will guide you to the excitement and potential riches of real-time gaming, even if you navigate real dealer platforms for the first time!

Thanks to cutting-edge live video feeds, you can now engage with authentic human dealers and fellow players at tables featuring classic games such as blackjack, roulette, and poker. Witnessing cards being dealt or the roulette wheel spinning right here and right delivers the same experience as a physical casino, with an extra opportunity to play from home.

The benefits of live gambling have led to online live casinos rising in popularity among players. The latter started to ask a logical question: how to succeed at live dealer casinos and elevate the winning odds? We’ll give you the most detailed answer.

How to succeed at live dealer casinos

Beating live dealers at online casinos isn’t similar to winning in RNG-based games. It requires a blend of luck and strategic thinking as here you can influence the outcome of each draw. Get ready for the five useful tips on how to succeed at live dealer casinos delivered from gambling experts and long-term players.

Tip 1: Choose the right game

Selecting the right game can amplify your chances of success by 60%. By the right game we don’t mean the one you know from A to Z. Unlike traditional casinos, live versions of the same game (e.g. poker) vary in winning opportunities. Follow these simple steps to pick the most profitable live games:

  • Opt for a game with a lower house edge to mitigate the risk of significant losses
  • Verify the licensing credentials of the live casino offering the game to steer clear of potential scams
  • Familiarize yourself with a game you’re well-versed in, enabling you to craft effective strategies
  • Opt for a game you genuinely enjoy, as your enthusiasm can enhance strategic decision-making

how to succeed at live dealer casinos

Tip 2: Pick games from trustworthy providers

Playing live casino games crafted by reputable providers not only ensures fairness but also adds an extra layer of security for your finances. Renowned game providers are typically licensed and regulated, incorporating stringent security measures to safeguard against hacking or data breaches, which is crucial given the higher stakes involved in live dealer games. 

Evolution Gaming is one of the most renowned software providers in the live casino realm. However, don’t limit yourself to their undoubtedly entertaining games and try live games from other brands.

Tip 3: Know the rules

Thorough comprehension of the rules governing live casino games can help you avoid costly blunders such as excessive betting or making incorrect moves. Want to know how to succeed at live dealer casinos? Pay close attention to:

  • Your opponents, whether it’s the dealer or other players
  • The game’s objectives
  • Various stages of the game
  • Betting options available on the table
  • Optimal timing for specific actions
  • Your available choices at each stage 

Tip 4: Try various strategies

Comparing different strategies can aid you in identifying the most suitable one for the live casino game at hand.

Selecting the best strategy that aligns with your budget constraints can prevent overspending and help you adapt to the game and enhance your chances of winning. For instance, in Live Blackjack, combining basic strategy with strategic betting can significantly improve your winning odds.

Tip 5: Avoid silly mistakes

No casino experience is devoid of mistakes like ignoring best online live casino bonuses in 2024. Steer clear of these common errors to safeguard your success:

  • Disregarding basic strategy, as it forms the foundation for your gameplay decisions
  • Overstretching your budget, which often leads to impulsive decisions and potential losses
  • Refrain from chasing losses, as it may result in accumulating significant debts and exacerbate financial woes

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