How Many Bingo Games Per Hour You Can Play – Bingo Guide

how many bingo games per hour

Do you know how many bingo games per hour you can play? Learn how many rounds it can take for you to hit the jackpot in bingo games.

Bingo is known as one of the easiest games to play for real cash. It is extremely popular in many countries including Australia, India, the United States, and the UK. Bingo games can be played either in bingo halls or at online bingo sites. Every day, many games are held for bingo players. To evaluate your chances of winning, you need to know how many bingo games per hour you can play online and live. 

A brief bingo guide – how to play bingo 

Playing bingo is easy and fast to play, so everyone can try his luck and hit the jackpot. Before you join the bingo community, you should learn some basic rules of the game. Also, we recommend reading about how to choose bingo cards to learn which cards are more likely to bring you money.

So, bingo games of all types (75 Ball, 90 Ball, etc) are played among any number of players. To start the game, everyone has to buy a special numbered card called a bingo scorecard. Depending on the game, bingo cards contain various numbers in random order. Then, the game starts with the host (randomizer in online bingo games) picking numbered balls from a special round cage. Your task is to find a match on your card and cover it with a tile. When you find the selected numbers arranged on your card following a certain pattern (row, column, square, etc), you call out “Bingo! Then, the host verifies your card and announces you as the winner. 

Unlike bingo played in bingo halls, online games don’t have a host/caller. The gaming process is automatized and flows much faster than common bingo games. Also, you can use various bonuses and the best online bingo promotions to play bingo for bonus money.

How many bingo games per hour can you play? 

If you play bingo for the first time, a logical question arises. How many bingo games can you play per hour? Depending on the way you play it (online or live), there can be a different number of games held hourly. 

Approximately, up to five rounds of the game can be held per hour. In case if they take no longer than expected, 1-2 bingo rounds can be played in bingo halls. Also, the host needs some time to verify the winning card, so take this into account.

Online bingo games are much faster to play than games in bingo halls. Basically, it depends on you how many games you can play per hour. If you play fast, you can finish up to 50-60 rounds hourly. On average, players play around twelwe-fifteen games at online bingo.

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