How to Choose Bingo Cards – Tips That Really Work

How to Choose Bingo Cards

There are not too many winning bingo tips that really work. If you need the working one, learn how to choose bingo cards based on their numbers. Also, look at the most popular bingo theories about numbers developed by Tippett and Granville. 

Bingo is a popular game of chance with seemingly random chances of winning. However, there are some tips and tricks that may help you to hit the jackpot. If you want to know how to boost your odds at bingo games, let’s refresh your mind on the rules.

So, bingo is a game in which players have to match numbers on their cards with the numbers called by the host. As a rule, numbers on bingo cards are arranged in random order, and their number depends on the type of bingo. In 90 Ball bingo, the maximum number of numbers is 90; in 75 Ball bingo – 75, and so on. Take a look at the most popular bingo numbers, too.

At first glance, winning at bingo depends only on luck. Although this is partially true, some tips and tricks may help to increase the chances of winning. Infact, all you need to know is how to choose bingo cards. Take a look at the two most popular bingo theories developed by Leonard Tippett and Joseph Granville regarding this winning strategy.

Basic tips about bingo cards

Before switching to professional bingo theories, look at the most essential tips and tricks to help you choose winning bingo cards.

  • If you play bingo in bingo halls, choose cards with low serial numbers
  • If you play online bingo, purchase side games to increase your odds
  • Follow a timed strategy to figure out which numbers are called frequently
  • Keep an eye on the latest online bingo bonuses to play bingo for free money

How to Choose Bingo Cards

How to choose bingo cards according to Granville’s theory

Joseph Granville, an American analyst and financial writer, came up with one of the most popular bingo strategies ever. His famous theory may help players pick bingo cards properly to boost their chances of winning. So, what does it say?

Following Granville’s theory, random bingo numbers are paired with their probability of being drawn. It means that each number has the same probability of being called by the host. If so, the player should choose as diverse bingo cards as possible. Ideally, a bingo card should have high, low, even, and odd numbers, as well as numbers with different last digits. Also, having more than one card with similar characteristics is helpful.  

How does this theory work? Let’s suppose you play a 90 Ball bingo game with ninety numbers for the host to choose from. Supposedly, the first number he calls is 20. This means that the probability of the following number ending with 0 being called is reduced. That’s why having as many cards as possible may boost your odds in bingo.

Tippett’s theory is another way to win at bingo 

Another way to learn how to choose bingo cards is to follow Tippett’s theory. L.C.H. Tippet was a British statistician with one of the best bingo theories for bingo and also lotto players. The main idea of his theory is finding “the perfect average,” or, in other words, the average number of bingo balls before any have been called. 

Tippett’s strategy works mainly for long-term bingo games. Following it, participants should choose bingo cards with numbers close to the average. For instance, if you play 90 Ball bingo, go for cards with numbers close to 45. If you play shorter (one round) bingo games, choose the cards with numbers closer to 1 or 90.

Now you know how to choose bingo cards. Good luck at Cyberbingo!

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