How Do Recommended Bets For Bettors Work?

Recommended Bets For Bettors

Most sportsbooks offer recommended bets for bettors who are registered at their sites. What are these bets and how do they work? With the help of our guide, you can learn everything about recommended bets right away.

Recommended bets can be frequently met at various online gambling and betting sites. Although they don’t belong to the 5 most widespread bet types, they form a separate category that can include all popular bets that exist. In our guide, we will explain what recommended bets are and how to use them.

Recommended bets for bettors explained

Let’s first find out what recommended bets are. Also known as betting recommendations, they are bets that are recommended to punters by a certain sportsbook. In other words, a betting site you are signed up to could offer you to bet on this or that event. If you visit a sportsbook as a guest, however, you can’t see any recommendations available for you.

According to online betting guides for beginners, not all sportsbooks offer recommended bets for bettors. This option is available at chosen gambling sites like 888sports. 

How do recommended bets emerge?

As we have already mentioned, recommendations show up for sportsbook users only. Why aren’t they visible to guests? To understand it, let’s see how recommended bets emerge. Usually, there are three reasons why punters can see recommendations at a sportsbooks site:

  1. Sportsbooks offer to bet on events depending on your betting interests. Let’s say, you often place wagers on movies and TV series. As your betting history is saved, the sportsbook will come up with recommendations that are similar to your previous searches.
  2. Recommended bets for bettors can depend on their previous success at a sportsbook. For example, you are a keen punter who bets on everything starting from football and ending with British Royals. However, the most successful wagers you’ve places belong to politics. Considering it, the sportsbook can offer you more political bets as you will bet more knowing that the winning chance is high.
  3. Trending bets can be recommended for punters too. Everything is simple in this case: if none of the previous reasons touches upon you, then betting sites are just trying to promote their bets to everyone.

888sports can select recommended bets for you

Why should punters use recommendations?

Recommended bets for bettors are nothing more than betting offers you can either use or ignore. Using them is an extra opportunity to win some cash, especially if bets emerge depending on your interests and/or successful bets in the past. 

Speaking about betting sites, 888sports has the most diverse recommendations for punters. Here you can find all types of betting offers and earn money from them. 


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