5 Popular Types Of Bets You Can Meet at Online Sportsbooks

popular types of bets

Sports betting is extremely popular nowadays, so more and more people are joining online sportsbooks to earn some cash. If you are one of them, learn about popular types of bets before placing a wager on any event. 

As the betting industry is developing day by day, punters need an updated guide on it. If you are a new user of online sportsbooks, one of the first things to learn about is popular types of bets. Which ones fit beginner bettors and which bets are left for pros? How to earn money of different bet types? Learn now.

5 popular types of bets that exist in 2021

Online betting guides for beginners distinguish around 10 types of bets that exist at online sportsbooks. They are moneylines, futures, IFs and reverses, props, over/under, handicap, parlay, accumulators, teasers, and full covers. In various countries, some bets can bear different names. For example, futures can be called outrights, moneyline bets – win bets or straights, while handicap is also known as the point spread.

Despite the wide range of bet types, not all of them are equally popular among punters. In this guide, we will describe the 5 most popular bets at sportsbooks. To choose five bets, we have looked at their presence at top betting sites like 1xBet and the frequency of usage by bettors.

1xBet has all types of bets for pros and beginners

Moneyline bets are the most popular

Moneyline bets (win bets, straights) are the most popular among all bet types that exist. Understanding them is easy even for beginners. Moneylines offer you to bet directly on the winner of the competition. For example, if you want to bet on any football match, you choose one team to win in moneyline bets. 

In general, moneylines are available at any betting site as a basic bet for any sports competition. To place a wager, you need to know how to read the odds as there are three types of odds at online sportsbooks. They are American, fractional, and decimal odds. To learn more about them, read how to read odds at betting sites.

Props can fit even non-professional bettors

One of the simplest bets to understand is props. Also known as special bets, props are the best choice for beginner bettors and those who want to earn money on, let’s say, football while being a non-expert in this game. To win on props, you don’t need to be a pro as they are non-related to the game, For example, the most typical examples of props in football are predictions of the first scorer, number of yellow/red cards, coach reactions, etc.

Popular Types Of Bets
All types of bets are available at mobile sportsbooks too

Over/Under is among popular types of bets

Over/Under betting is also known as totals at some sportsbooks. In this type of betting, bettors predict whether one team will win at a certain number of points that is scored in the game. Before the game starts, sportsbooks issue a certain number of points and your task is to bet on your favorite club to win with more or fewer points. Usually, Over/Under is used in sports betting like football, tennis, basketball, and other competitions. 

Futures can be met at the most sportsbooks

Futures are among the most popular types of bets too. Like moneylines, they are easy to understand and wager on. Basically, futures are bets helping you to predict the outcome of the event in the long run. 

For example, you want to bet on the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. In this case, you will probably see the biggest number of future bets at online sportsbooks. You can also read how to bet on Eurovision 2021. Also, betting sites place futures on football tournaments, leagues, and championships.

Accumulators are quite complicated to understand

Accumulator bets are one of the most popular types of bets among pros. They are not easy to understand and win as well, but they can bring you a higher profit than common bets. Also, it is quite risky to wager on accumulators, which doesn’t stop punters from using them.

What are accumulators? They are bets where bettors wager on more than two (three) outcomes within one bet. To win the whole bet, punters have to predict all the results right. If they fail to be accurate at least in one prediction, the whole bet loses. Accumulators are frequently used at 1xBet as the sportsbook offers many bet compilations at various sports events.


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