50 Ball Bingo Rules – How To Play The Exotic Bingo Game?

50 Ball bingo rules

Bingo has been a popular game for decades, so various versions of the game emerged to cater to all players. One such version is 50 Ball Bingo, a truly unique variation of bingo that offers a fast-paced experience. If you’re curious about how to play this game, learn the basic 50 Ball bingo rules and see its differences from other variations.

50 Ball bingo rules and goals explained

50 Ball Bingo is less popular than 75 Ball or 90 Ball bingo games. However, it doesn’t make the game unworthy of your attention. The fifty-ball version offers a non-trivial approach to the old familiar game, adding a fast pace, unique rules, and card patterns. Interested? Let’s learn all the 50 Ball bingo rules and goals.

To begin your game, you will need a 50 Ball Bingo card. It consists of a 5×2 grid with numbers ranging from 1 to 50. The objective is the same as in other bingo games, i.e. to mark off numbers on your ticket. To win the prize, you must cover either one line or a full house – this rule makes 50 ball bingo rules similar to British bingo. 

Once the game starts, the host will randomly draw a ball from the machine and announce the number. If the number called out is on your card, you can mark it off. If you play 50 Ball Bingo online, there’s no dealer, and the numbers are randomly drawn by the random number generator system. 

50 Ball Bingo card and numbers

In 50 Ball Bingo, the winning patterns are similar to 90 Ball. To win a share, you need to mark off all the numbers on one of the two horizontal lines on your 5×2 card. Covering the entire pattern means that you have a full house and win the main jackpot in the ongoing draw. 

50 Ball bingo rules

How are numbers arranged on the 50 all Bingo card? Look at the ranking below to learn the answer:

  • Column 1 – numbers 1 to 10
  • Column 2 – numbers 11 to 20
  • Column 3 – numbers 21 to 30
  • Column 4 – numbers 31 to 40
  • Column 5 – numbers 41 to 50

Duration of 50 Ball Bingo

50 Ball Bingo rules and card grid show that the game is pretty fast to play. Typically, you will spend up to 10 minutes per round if you play in bingo halls. Online sessions can last even less because the entire process is automatic, and no human dealer is involved. So, if you prefer fast-paced, entertaining games, you’ll definitely like 50 Ball.

To accelerate your gameplay at Bingo Fest and similar online platforms, you can use an Autoplay option. It allows you to mark off the winning numbers automatically and save even more money for other rounds.

What makes 50 Ball different from other bingo games?

Although the 50 Ball Bingo rules are pretty similar to other variations, especially 90 Ball, the game stands out for a number of reasons. We will summarize them below to help you see clear differences between this game and other bingo activities you can play for real money.

  • The 50 Ball Bingo card has a 5×2 grid, with 5 columns and two rows, while 75 Ball has a 5×5 pattern, and 90 Ball has a 9×3 card. 
  • The game includes 50 numbered balls in total, while other versions have 75 and 90 balls, respectively.
  • 50 Ball is faster to play than other bingo variants due to fewer lines and balls.
  • To win at 50 Ball bingo, you must cover the upper or bottom line or hit a full house.

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