Weird Poker Rules You Didn’t Know About

Weird Poker Rules

There are unofficial, unusual, and even weird poker rules players should follow, although they are not always written down. However, proper and stress-free gameplay is not possible without following these rules in land-based casinos. Learn more about them from our guide!

Poker players must follow many rules in order to avoid problems in land-based casinos. And we are not talking about the rules of poker games in this case. It is more connected to gambling etiquette and tips on how to behave at the table if you want to play this card game like a professional player. Typically, these rules are not written down, so this might be your only chance to know how to play poker with real dealers in poker rooms.

Weird poker rules to follow in casinos

As land-based poker requires players to follow more rules and pay more attention to the gameplay than online poker, our list of weird poker rules will be useful for players who prefer visiting casinos. Below you will find some do’s and don’ts in one of the most popular gambling games in the world.

Hide your poker hand

This is a well-known fact that players try to hide their poker hands to prevent others from accessing them. However, we bet you didn’t know that it is an unspoken rule of poker to protect your hand by any means. If you fail to do so, you may not only be put in a losing situation but even be expelled from the table! While at the table, try to hide your hole cards from other players and the dealer if you want to keep playing.

Weird Poker Rules
Here are unusual poker rules to follow

Place your best chips in the front row

One of the weird poker rules states that players must put their most valuable chips in front. This rule is an unwritten sign of good manners that shows the player’s respect for his opponents. See, hiding your best chips behind low-value chips is considered unethical in most casinos. It is also impolite to try to hide your chips by any means.

Although your chips should be visible to other players, they can only observe them coin how many chips you have. If someone asks you a question about the total value of your chips while seeing them, you don’t have to answer. 

Keep your drink in a safe place 

Land-based casinos usually offer free drinks to their players. As a result, many poker enthusiasts take their seats at the table with glasses of various alcoholic beverages. If you have one, you should also know how to behave in casinos to avoid any problems. However, this is not our case now.

It is not forbidden to drink while gambling, however, you should keep your glass in a safe place. Why? The answer is simple: to avoid splitting the drink on the table. The layout of any poker table is made from felt, so it is quite expensive and not too easy to clean. In addition, you and other guests won’t be happy about playing at the dirty wet table, will you? 

Avoid big celebrations in casinos

Being happy about your winnings in poker is no crime, of course. However, an unofficial gambling etiquette asks you to avoid big and loud celebrations in casinos. Not only it may distract other players, but it is also unethical towards the one who lost to you. Surely, no one will stop you from ordering champagne or so, but it is still recommended to postpone the main party until you get to a restaurant or home. 

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