All You Need To Know About VIP Poker Players

VIP poker players

VIP poker players are the most privileged people at online and land-based casinos. What benefits do they usually get? How to receive an invitation to the VIP club? Learn the answers from our guide.

It is not a secret that poker players are not all the same. Some players called VIPs receive special treatment and exclusive benefits from casinos. Not all casinos have this option but if yours does, you could be treated like a king. Interested? Learn more about VIP poker players and how to join their club.

About VIP poker players

As you know, VIP means Very Important Person. This term perfectly describes who VIP poker players are for casinos. VIPs are the most loyal and honorable poker players you can ever meet in casinos or at poker sites. Players who regularly play poker on high stakes also belong to VIPs. They are usually members of special VIP programs at online and land-based casinos which gives them various types of bonuses and special rewards.

Some online casinos use the term Most Valuable Player (MVP) instead of VIP but they mean the same thing. At some poker and gambling sites, VIP players are also known as high-roller players or simply high-rollers.

Benefits of VIP status at poker sites

What benefits does a VIP status offer? Well, it depends mostly on the way you play poker. Online casinos and land-based gambling venues offer completely different rewards for poker players. If you play poker offline, you should expect to receive physical presents from casinos, e.g. free hotel rooms, meals and drinks, party tickets, extra chips, and so on. 

Rewards for online VIP poker players are different. Their variety depends on the online casinos and their policy, so each gambling site has its own VIP program. However, we will give you an idea of what you can get from online poker sites as a VIP player.

VIP poker players
VIP poker players receive juicy bonuses from casinos

As a VIP poker player, you could be granted:

  • Access to exclusive poker rooms, games, and tournaments
  • Advanced poker points and best online poker bonuses
  • Large cashback up to 80%
  • Regular and personalized promotions
  • Flexible (or zero) deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Invitations to the biggest poker tournaments
  • Personal client support and an account manager are available 24/7
  • Access to games with real prizes (e.g. flight tickets, cars, cash, etc)

How to become a VIP poker player

There is no doubt that VIP poker players enjoy cherry-picking at both online and offline casinos. Do you want to join them? Getting into a VIP club is not that easy, otherwise, casinos would be filled with high-level players with a special status. However, there are at least three ways to become a VIP player at online poker sites.

Play poker on high stakes. The very first and the most important condition of becoming a VIP player is playing poker on high stakes and on a regular basis. The minimum amount is determined by casinos. Some sites will also ask you to collect points as you play and climb up the status ladder, so they will see how long you play and how much you spend on poker games.

Reach out to the client support. If you feel that you’ve spent enough time and money on poker games but haven’t been invited to join the VIP club, reach out to the client support. Some casinos make selections by themselves, while others should be asked to allow you to become a VIP player.

Look for casinos with reachable VIP programs. The easiest way to join VIP poker players is to find casinos with simple and straightforward loyalty clubs. For example, King Billy Casino has 7 levels of a VIP program. You start as a Citizen and collect points to reach the next level. When you reach the sixth level called Prince, you will get an invitation to join the VIP club and become a King.

Become a VIP player at King Billy Casino


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