Poker Hands Ranked From the Lowest To the Highest

All Poker Hands Ranked

Are you a beginner poker player or just planning to try yourself in this iconic card game? One of the first things you need to learn is the order of poker hands. In this guide, you will find all poker hands ranked from the lowest to the highest.

Everyone who wants to play poker needs to learn its basics. It doesn’t matter whether you play it with friends, in local casinos for real money, or at online gambling sites. To become a good player, you should memorize the rules of poker including poker hands. Poker hands belong to the most essential components of any poker variation that exist. In this guide, we will explain what poker hands are and how to rank them from best to worst.

What is a poker hand?

As you know, poker is a card game where players try to beat each other with the cards they are given by the dealer. These cards in players’ hands are called poker hands. They are combinations of five cards with a certain value (note that the number of cards in your hand can vary depending on the rules of different poker games). Each poker hand has its rank that helps to decide who is the winner. 

Poker hands are an essential part of all poker games including Texas Holdem, Stud, and Omaha as well as poker-based casino games. Depending on the game they play, players can discard a certain number of cards to get a chance to form a better hand. The stronger your hand, the more winning chances you have.

How are all poker hands ranked? Scroll down to learn what beats what in the most popular variations of poker. Also, find out the best poker deals on the latest online poker bonuses page.

Poker hands ranked: from weakest to strongest

So, here are all poker hands that exist. They are ranked from the worst to the best with a detailed explanation. To memorize the value of each hand faster, print the table and use it all the time you play poker online or with your friends until you learn them by heart.

Name of the handExplanationExample
Highest CardA single card that has the highest value in a handAce is the highest, two is the lowest
PairAny two cards of the same valueTwo Aces
Two PairsTwo different Pairs in the same handTwo Aces and two 9s
Three of a KindAny three cards of the same valueThree Aces
StraightFive cards in consecutive order but of different suits10, J, Q, K, Ace
FlushAny five cards of the same suit2, 6, 10, Q, Ace of Hearts
Full HouseThree of a Kind + Pair in the same handThree Aces + two Kings
Four of a KindAny four cards of the same rankFour Aces
Straight FlushAny five cards in consecutive order and of the same suit6, 7, 8, 9, 10 of Diamonds
Royal FlushFive highest cards in the card deck of the same suit10, J, Q, K, Ace of Spades


As you can see from the table, the Highest Card is the weakest hand you can have in poker. In its turn, the Royal Flush is the best combination you can ever get and that can bring you a victory. However, you should remember that poker is famous for its bluffing, so you can win even with a Pair in your hand if you manage to trick your opponents. Test your skills at online casinos first to become a poker pro in real life. It all depends on you!

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