Play Turkish Rummy Online – Rules, Goals, Top 3 Sites

play Turkish Rummy online

Are you a fan of domino and tile games? You may like the rules, objectives, and best platforms where you can play Turkish Rummy online. Also known as Okey, this popular tile-based game combines elements of Rummy and Mahjong, so fans of challenging real-money activities will like playing it at online casinos, while less risky players can enjoy it on free gaming sites.

How to play Turkish Rummy

Turkish Rummy is a tile-based game that involves 2–4 players and a set of 106 tiles, including 104 numbered tiles and two jokers – a false one and a real one. The numbered tiles are divided into four colors: red, yellow, black, and blue. Each color consists of two sets of tiles with numbers from 1 to 13, and joker tiles can replace any other tile.

At the beginning of the game, the tiles are shuffled and placed face down on the table. Each player receives 14 tiles, and the one on the dealer’s right starts the game. Read our online gambling guides for beginners to learn more about games like Turkish Rummy.

Rules and objectives

The aim of Turkish Rummy is to be the first player to get rid of all tiles by forming sets. A set consists of three or more tiles of the same number, but different colors. For example, a set can be made up of the red 5, yellow 5, and black 5 tiles. A run, on the other hand, consists of three or more consecutive tiles of the same color. For example, a run can be made up of the blue 1, blue 2, and blue 3 tiles.

During their turn, players have the option to draw a tile from the pile or take the tile that the previous player has discarded. After drawing a tile, they must discard one tile from their hand, ensuring that they always have 14 tiles in their hand at the end of their turn. 

The game continues clockwise, with participants taking turns until someone runs out of tiles and declares “Okey!” This player is the winner, while the others count the points of the tiles left in their hands based on the face value of the numbered tiles. The joker tiles are worth zero. The game is usually played over several rounds, with players accumulating points to reach a predetermined score. 

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play Turkish Rummy online

Best sites to play Turkish Rummy online

There are many ways to find Turkish Rummy outside your home, though playing with friends is very interesting. If you want to play Turkish Rummy online, there are many platforms where you can enjoy this addictive game and even win something. Here are some of the best places to play Turkish Rummy online for free and for real money:

  • RummyCircle. RummyCircle is a popular website that offers a wide range of card games, including Turkish Rummy. The platform is known for its user-friendly interface, variety of games, and fee-free service. You can play Turkish Rummy with players from around the world, participate in tournaments, and even win prizes.
  • Okey Plus. Okey Plus is a mobile app that allows you to play Turkish Rummy on the go. The app offers non-stop play, beautiful visuals, and intuitive controls – everything you expect from a good mobile game. You can play with your Facebook friends or compete against unfamiliar players, earning daily bonuses and rewards.
  • 22Bet Casino. 22Bet is the best way to play Turkish Rummy for real cash. The platform provides real prizes for lucky players who manage to beat the computer in a fast-paced and transparent game. You can receive your tiles in the 22Games section and start winning money after making an account on the site. 

Play Turkish Rummy online at 22Bet Casino


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