Are There Any Efficient Lucky Charms For Gamblers?

Lucky Charms For Gamblers

Many casino players are quite superstitious and believe in the efficiency of lucky charms for gamblers. Do they really work? What are the most popular lucky charms throughout the world? Let’s find out the answers to these questions.

All forms of gambling more or less depend on luck. That’s why some bettors and casino players try to attract Lady Luck by using various lucky charms. Gamblers from different countries have unique and sometimes weird amulets that are believed to bring fortune to their side. Let’s take a look at the most popular lucky charms for gamblers and find out whether they really work or not.

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Horseshoe is a very popular lucky charm across the globe

Probably, one of the most popular lucky charms across the world is a horseshoe. It is believed to be one of the oldest synonyms to luck as well. Some sources state that a horseshoe was first “proven” to bring luck around 969 AD when a blacksmith master defeated the devil with the help of a horseshoe. Since then, no evil or bad luck ever touches someone who holds this lucky charm.

Horseshoes are popular among gamblers too as they are believed to attract good luck. Of course, no one brings a real horseshoe to a fancy Las Vegas casino. Usually, superstitious gamblers wear jewelry or accessories with a horseshoe symbol (necklace, bracelet, hat, etc) or bring it along in the form of a small souvenir. 

Four-leaved clovers belong to lucky charms for gamblers

Another popular lucky charm for gamblers is the four-leaved clover. When you were a child, you should have heard prejudices regarding this small green plant. The one who finds a clover with 4 leaves is destined for good luck in love, health, and career. It is also very hard to find as there is one four-leaved clover in more than 5000! Nowadays, however, you can buy artificial four-leaved clovers anywhere and carry them as your lucky charm.

Gamblers do also believe in this old Irish superstition regarding clovers. That’s why there are so many Irish-themed slots featuring clover images as one of the symbols. 

Lucky Charms For Gamblers
This is how a lucky four-leaved clover looks like

Many casino players wear red clothes to the casino

Surprisingly, red color is one of the most popular lucky charms for gamblers too. This belief comes from China where red symbolizes luck, wealth, and happiness. According to feng shui, the energy of this color is described as “hot, passionate, rich, and celebratory”. That’s why many casino players believe that red will help them to win money.

How do gamblers use red as a lucky charm? Some superstitious people wear red clothes to a casino or have a red-colored accessory. However, the most popular way to attract Lady Luck is… to have red underwear. This way to wear red is believed to be the best to bring luck to your side and hide it from evil eyes at the same time.

Numbers are believed to be very special for gamblers

Certain numbers look very special in most gamblers’ eyes. Obviously, number 7 is the most popular lucky number among all. It is often featured in various casino games starting from slots and ending with roulette. This is the main number of luck in many countries across the globe.

At the same time, numbers 6 and 13 are considered pretty lucky in gambling. Although they have a bad reputation in common life, six and thirteen can actually help in hitting the jackpot at games based on numbers. 

Finally, gamblers’ personal important numbers are believed to bring luck. That’s why many lottery winners use combinations of their birth date or phone number to win. However, we are sure that the latest online casino bonuses can help you to get more profit than any of the lucky charms. 


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