Lowest House Edge Casino Games

lowest house edge casino games

Which are the lowest house edge casino games? This question is relatively more common amongst new gamblers who wish to inquire before betting. Casinos offer you a wide variety of games with all treating you differently. While the house always wins in the long term, some casino games are advantageous for you as a player. Below we are listing the lowest house edge casino games, which means how much the casinos win over time. Online casino guide for beginners always prepares the players by giving tips regarding games with the lowest house edge.

Casinos look at these games as mathematical probability, as do smart players. So putting it simply, you have a much better chance of winning on a game with a 1% house than compared to a game with a 5% house edge. 

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A casino game with a relatively high house edge of between 20% to 40% is usually the best way to lose a lot of money. Keno is one such game. A certain reputation surrounds Keno which scares new gamblers from indulging. The game of keno works in a simple manner. The player picks one or more numbers from a grid of 80. The house selects 20 numbers off those 80 and you’re paid based on how many numbers you statistically match. The probability of these numbers occurring in the showdown is statistically high therefore, the game has a high house edge. 

Slot Machines

It is difficult to tell what a given slot machine pays just by looking. The house edge with regards to slot machines varies between 3% to 20%. Slot machines are known to function without any specific strategy. This may not be entirely true since there are certain slot strategies which can aid a person to overcome the house edge. In summary, the more denominations you play, the better the odds. 

lowest house edge casino games
Slots everywhere!


When it comes to roulette, determining the house edge depends on the number of zeros on the roulette wheel and also the local rules. Statistically, the house edge is 5.26% when the wheel compromises of both a zero and a double zero. The house edge is 2.7% when the wheel has a single zero. Taking into consideration the European roulette, let’s say you’re in France, the odds against you are reduced to 1.35% when you place a bet on 18 outcomes and the ball ends up on zero.

There is no skill involved in the way you play roulette as most bets you take, return the same amount on a roulette wheel.

lowest house edge casino games
Roulette is the most exciting casino table game


Baccarat comprises many side bets and has many formats. The game of baccarat is a simple game to learn. In its simplest format, the game asks you to either bet on the banker (1% house edge) or bet on the player (1.2% house edge).

The game can be extended with extra cards being dealt by the dealer, however, that is a little complicated. It is rare for the dealer to make a mistake with the rules, but it is an advantage to learn these rules. To avoid other bets, for instance wagering your money on a tie (14% house edge) or a pair (10% house edge).


Casino craps provide one with plenty of opportunities to make exotic wagers. The game is very simple if you just confine yourself on betting only on a pass or come and take full ‘odds’. You can also wager your money on the ‘don’t’ side of these for a chance of better odds. House edge on such bets is 1.4%. However, you can wager your money on ‘odds’ after one roll. The House has a 0% edge on odds. If you’re talking with regards to percentage. Then taking odds will lower the odds against you. The higher the odds, the more advantageous it is for the player.

Craps Table | Smoobs | Flickr
Have you ever tried craps? – Image source: Flickr

The odds for exotic bets on craps tables are terrible and within the 10% to 17% range. It is wise to avoid these, as your winning chances are slim even though getting them right would be fun.

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Blackjack is one of the most popular and lowest house edge casino games. With the game itself being so simple. The house edge on this game is very low (0.5% – 2%) when you play using the correct blackjack strategy. Also playing the game on a single deck improves your chances of winning greatly than playing it on a multi-deck game where the house edge is higher.

Card counting is another strategy in use by players when playing blackjack. The trick is to keep track of high cards (Aces & Tens) against the low cards (2-6) that have been drawn out. The odds are in the player’s favour if there are still extra high cards remaining. The player uses a special strategy and wagers more. However, if there are extra low cards to be drawn out then the odds are disadvantageous for the player and he/she either bets the table minimum or leaves it. A player can get up to a 2% edge over the house while counting cards.

lowest house edge casino games
Blackjack is the heart of every casino

However, it is vital to understand that card counting can be illegal in some jurisdictions. It is fairly easy for casinos to figure out that you are counting cards. While it may not be illegal technically, it can still get them to kick you out of the casino.

Video Poker

It is common knowledge that video poker has a 0% house edge. However, we are quite skeptical of this claim as the house is in the business of making money and they go bankrupt if they provide games with a 0% edge over the gamblers. Though surely if one wants to play lowest house edge casino games then video poker jacks or better comes highly recommended. To reach the lowest house edge over you possible, you need to play the correct strategy and play the max wager (5 coins).

It is a common saying ‘the house always wins’. While this is true due to the always consistent casino advantage. However, using the above tips and tricks from this online casino guide for beginners will be one way to avoid this loss.

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