Live Roulette v Online Roulette – Which Game Offers Better Gaming Experience?

live roulette v online roulette

Roulette is a fan favorite game among gamblers due to its excitement and simplicity of rules. There are many ways to enjoy this casino classic, with live and online roulette being the two most popular options for remote players. Which one should you choose for your next bet? Let’s start the live roulette v online roulette battle to reveal the winner! 

Roulette has very easy rules to learn. All you need to do is bet on the outcome of the wheel spin. Despite the difference in setup, the objective of the game remains the same for both versions and both games can be played for online live casino bonuses in 2023. But what is the difference between games? We will compare live roulette v online roulette by looking at their main strengths.

Why should you play live roulette?

Let’s start with live games. In live roulette, the game is hosted by a human dealer in a land-based casino or a studio. Players follow the game in real time on their gambling platforms and place their bets remotely. Then, the dealer spins the wheel to roulette the winner, just like in a real venue. Apart from spinning the wheel, the dealer also entertains players by talking to them and encouraging them to join the game.

live roulette v online roulette

When it comes to live roulette, there are several advantages and disadvantages that shape the gaming experience. The #1 benefit of live roulette is the realistic casino atmosphere it offers. The presence of a real dealer, the sound of the spinning wheel, and the interactions with other players create an authentic environment that makes you forget about the distance between you and the dealer.

Live roulette allows players to witness the game in real-time, eliminating any doubts about the fairness of each spin. The game depends on human factors, as the result is determined by the dealer who spins the wheel, which can be a plus for many fans. 

Finally, there is a wide range of live roulette versions, each adding something unique to the classic. Pay special attention to live roulette games by Evolution Gaming as they are the most diverse examples of real-time gaming on the web.

Are online roulette games better?

On the contrary, online roulette is a virtual version of the game that is powered by a random number generator (RNG) to determine the winning number. No human dealer or other players are involved – you play on your own, taking as many rounds as you wish and keeping your own pace. 

Online roulette offers more flexibility in terms of bet limits and timing, allowing players to start the game whenever they want. Also, the RNG-based game has simpler rules and faster pace, while online casinos offer a wider variety of game variations and betting options.

live roulette v online roulette

Despite its conveniences, online roulette has its drawbacks. The absence of a dealer and live interactions can detract from the immersive atmosphere that live roulette offers. Furthermore, some players lose the hint of realism in video roulette because they compete against the computer.

Choosing between live roulette v online roulette

So, which game should you choose? The choice between live roulette v online roulette comes down to personal preferences and expectations. If you prioritize authentic experience, live roulette may be the preferred option. On the other hand, the online version appeals to players who value flexibility in all aspects of roulette.

However, RNG-based roulette lacks unpredictability and excitement of real-time play. The social interactions, live action, and land-based casino atmosphere make live roulette a more interesting option to try for the majority of gambling fans. 

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