Live Blackjack Winning Strategies For Dummies

Live Blackjack Winning Strategies

It is always a great idea to learn some new live blackjack winning strategies. If you are tired of losing at online casinos and need a boost, our guide may come in handy. Read how to play blackjack like a pro and you will see the difference.

Live blackjack is an exciting game that allows players to enjoy their favorite game from wherever they are. As it is played against the real dealer controlling the action from a studio, live blackjack serves as a great alternative to real casinos. Basically, one can play a fully-fledged casino game without even leaving home!

What is more, you can play real dealer blackjack using the latest online live casino bonuses. However, the very first thing you need to learn is how to play live blackjack. Let’s take a look at the game rules and winning strategies.

How to play live dealer blackjack?

In fact, live dealer blackjack doesn’t differ much from any other blackjack game. It is played between a single player and a dealer. The goal of the game is to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21. If you go over 21 you lose even if your hand is better than the dealer’s one.

Like in classic blackjack, each player starts with two cards. Face cards are worth 10, numeric cards’ value corresponds to their numbers, while Aces are worth 1 or 11 depending on the hand. So, why should you play live blackjack instead of the real (or online) game?

The only crucial difference between online and live blackjack is the presence of a human dealer. It makes the gaming process as exciting as it could be in a real casino. The dealer makes his own decisions making the game unpredictable. At the same time, playing blackjack against a computer is pure luck as the whole process is automatic and no one can influence the outcome of the game.

Last but not least. Live dealer blackjack is a great possibility to interact with the dealer without visiting the casino. So, check our live blackjack winning strategies and beat the dealer next time you play it!

Live Blackjack Winning Strategies
Play blackjack against the real dealer!

Live blackjack winning strategies 

Learning live blackjack strategies is useful not only to save time and money. It is also an excellent way to up your game and become a pro with a flow of time. Which strategies are considered the most effective nowadays?

Basic strategy

This is the very first strategy you can use while playing live blackjack. Based on your own cards and the only card that is shown by the dealer, you can decide about your further steps (don’t forget to consider the number of decks you are playing with). Your possible moves can be:

  • Stand – keep the card you already have;
  • Hit – take another card;
  • Split – create two hands;
  • Double – take one card and double your bet;
  • Surrender – to get back half of your stake (available at certain casinos).

Card counting

Card counting is another popular strategy some players use to beat the dealer. By keeping track of cards in the deck, you can try to predict which card will the dealer have. The process of card counting takes place in three steps:

  • Give each card its value. Usually, cards from 2-6 are given a +1 value, 7-9 – 0 value, and 10-Ace are given a -1 value.
  • Track cards that have been dealt by keeping a “running count”. Add or subtract 1 based on the card’s value. If the running count is negative, the dealer’s advantage increases and vice versa. 
  • Calculate the count in each deck and change your stakes based on this information

Other popular live blackjack winning strategies include Shuffle Tracking and Dealer Tells which are considered advanced techniques.

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