How To Use Lotto Bonuses – Best Lotto Offers 2021

How To Use Lotto Bonuses

If you play lottery games online, learn how to use lotto bonuses. They will help you to enjoy the game more often and, of course, boost your winning chances. In addition, check the latest lotto bonuses in 2021.

The lottery is known as the most played game in the world. Being one of the most popular gambling activities resulted in the emergence of lotto games at online casinos. Nowadays, people can play the lottery whenever they want. To help them play more, online casinos run various promotions and reward with bonuses. 

In this guide, we will tell you how to use lotto bonuses at online gambling sites. To find the latest offers, check the latest online casino bonuses.

Lotto bonuses that exist

Different gambling sites offer different types of bonuses. Depending on the casino you are registered at, you can find various promos, starting from welcome bonuses and ending with exclusive offers. 

Here are the most common types of lotto bonuses available for players:

  • Welcome bonus. The most popular bonus at each and every casino site is a welcome bonus. It is given to each new user who signs up for an online casino. 
  • Deposit bonus. Deposit bonuses are given to lottery players for making the first deposit. Usually, to start your gambling journey, you have to deposit money to meet the casino requirements. In its turn, the site rewards you with a 100% bonus or more.
  • Free lotto bets. As it is clear from its name, free lotto bets allow you to play the lottery for free. Moreover, your chances of winning remain the same as the usage of free bets don’t affect the game you play. 
  • Cash back bonus. Cash back (or money back) bonus is a reward that guarantees you to get back your money in case you lose the draw. Usually, you need to play a chosen lotto game that is defined by the casino.
  • Discounts. The simplest lotto bonus to understand. Discounts mean a decrease in the pricing of the chosen lottery games. In general, discounts are offered for each line in a lottery ticket and can be up to 80%. 

How to use lotto bonuses in 2021

How to use lotto bonuses if you play the lottery at online gambling sites? First of all, you need to find active promotions that allow you to claim your reward. Then, sign up or log in for the casino and read the terms and conditions carefully. Each lotto deal has its own rules you have to follow to be eligible for the prize. 

As of now, you can find the following bonus offers at the most popular lotto sites:

  • 1xBet Lottery Welcome Bonus. All new lotto players are eligible for the 1xBet Welcome bonus if they sign up for the casino site. Everyone can receive 100% up to €1,500 for depositing money. You can spend this money to buy lottery tickets at 1xBet. Additionally, you can be given 150 free spins you can spend on slots.
  • Michigan Lottery Bonuses. Michigan lottery offers various bonuses at its official site. After signing up for the site, players can claim a Sign In Bonus to get a bonus credit; activate and play free games in 24 hours; make a deposit, and be rewarded with a maximum of $100.
  • JackpotCom Summer Tournament. Although is a popular lotto site, it also encourages its players to try new games. In particular, you can play slots in a very special tournament. On July 15th-18th, play any of the qualifying slot games to rank in one of the 20 prizes to win a share of the €100 Cash & 100 Cash Spins Prize Pool!

If there are no special offers at your casino, look for standard bonuses like Welcome Bonus or Deposit Bonus. 

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