How to Play Video Poker Games – The Best Guide

How to Play Video Poker Games

Video poker allows playing an old familiar game in a new way. Learn how to play video poker games and how they are different from classic poker. 

Video poker games are extremely popular among gamblers. They can be found at most gambling sites because they are easy to play in comparison to live poker. Also known as poker slots, video poker is your best way to win if you are a beginner. Also, use the latest online poker bonuses to enhance your winning chances without risking your money. 

Video poker – what is this? 

Video poker is an online casino game that is based on a poker game. Usually, it features a classic five-card draw but it depends on the casino site. Video poker games are played online like slots and that’s why they are also called poker slots. Also, players can find video poker in land-based casinos on machines similar to slots. 

How to play video poker games

The principles of playing video poker games are pretty much similar to real poker. The main difference between live poker and video poker is the way it is played. Real poker is played live with real people and physical cards. At the same time, video poker is a fully automatic and random game in which players rely only on their luck.

How to Play Video Poker Games
Playing video poker games is easy for beginners

Here is your step-by-step guide on how to play video poker:

  1. Sign up for a casino site and make a deposit
  2. Choose a video poker game 
  3. Place your bet
  4. Click on the “Deal” button to receive your five-card poker hand
  5. Discard cards you don’t consider useful (from one to five)
  6. Get your replacement cards to finalize your hand
  7. The value of your final poker hand determines your winnings
  8. Any winnings are paid out according to the paytable

Where to play video poker? 

Video poker is popular among players for its simplicity and speed. Also, good payouts play an important role. Therefore, video poker games can be found at most online gambling sites. Usually, players can find them in the “Slots” section or in the “Poker” section. Here are some sites with the best video poker games in 2021: 22Bet, Intertops, 1xBet, party poker, 888poker. 

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