How to Play Slots – Guide for Beginners

Learn everything about how to play slots.

Did the question ever occur to you: How to play slots? We are here to answer every question about the machines. When entering a casino the first sounds to reach the ears are the beeps from machines that are lined all around the floor. These machines are called slots. Perhaps the most played game on a casino floor, slots is all about attraction due to its allure. Colorful screens with fun symbols and music coming out of a box; what’s not to like about slots. And the best part about it is, there are no skills involved.

Many customers head to a casino just to play slots. With a hand full of tickets, one may begin to try their luck on a slot machine. Online casino guides for beginners will get you acquainted with how a slot machine works and what are the most common questions asked regarding the game.

The mechanics of a slot machine – How to play slots

Slot machines are generally lined all around the casino floor, with varying titles. There are several different types of slot machines, although they all work on the same mechanics. Unlike old slot machines that would require buckets of coins, the modern ones work with tickets or cash. The cash is inserted into the area marked on the machine and then just with the pull of the lever, one can get the game rolling.

Each slot machine is a piece of computer engineering. There are official manufacturers who have the license to produce these machines. Deep inside each machine, there is a chip called the random number generator (RNG) which is responsible for all the magic that happens on the screen. The chip involves a lot of programming which results in it making mathematical calculations of up to 1000 times in a single second. Each calculation determines which combination of symbols will appear on the screen. The pulling of the lever stops the chip at that exact microsecond and a combination is chosen.

This delegates the fact further, that it is completely up to chance which possible set the machine displays. Therefore, this disregards any assumptions that the symbols are predetermined. Additionally, the second the lever is pulled, the combination is decided, the scrolling of symbols is just a fun attraction which raises the level of excitement.

How the payout works

Each casino has to order slot machines from manufacturers with a request. There are different types of slot machines depending on which chip they are running on. These chips play an important role other than just shuffling combinations. The RNG chips also determine the payout possibilities of each machine. It works in such a way that they determine the outcomes which offer payouts and then mathematically translate the frequency with which they occur.

Each manufacturing company can offer a variety of payout options on different machines. However, the standard is generally the same for a lot of the available options. The range at which payouts are offered starts from 85% and end at 98%. There are machines that cater to the numbers in between.

There is a simple method by which the casinos decide which machine pays how much. In order to give a big cashout, the denomination for that particular machine has to be a higher number. For those who do not know, the denomination is essentially the amount of each credit that is used to play on an individual slot machine. Thus, in simpler words, if a slot machine takes in big bucks, it will have a higher chance of payback.

For example, a penny or 1 dollar machine will have a set payback of around 85% to 90%. Whereas the payback on a $25 machine will ultimately be at 95% to to play slots with money

Playing at slot machines – How to play slots

The first step to playing any casino game is exchanging cash for bets. In the case of slots, a player gets tickets that can be inserted into the machine. However, in some cases, the machines accept cash as well. Although it is important to remember that in case of a win, the tickets from the machine have to be exchanged for real cash since they are useless elsewhere.

There are several sorts of slot machines available which work on the same rules but with added entertainment. Here are a few examples of the different types of slot machines:

  • Buy-Your-Pay machines – How to play slots

Buy-your-pay machines work a certain way which is rather intriguing. This requires the players to bet on the number of winning combinations they wish to play. Each coin allows players to play on a certain portion of the field. For instance, a single coin may allow a player to play a line while two may include diagonals. Therefore it is always advisable to bet the maximum value which will guarantee the machine will pay in case the same symbols show up. Otherwise, it is just frustrating.

  • Multiplayer machines

Most machines on a casino floor are multiplier slot machines. These are simple to understand with a simple mathematical rule: multiplication. If a single bet will earn a player a certain amount of money then a double will earn them double. These machines also have a maximum bet which most players utilize since it is the best way to play at a multiplayer machine. The ability to make more bets than a single one offers a bigger payout than average machines.

  • Progressive machines

Progressive games are basically a community game where there are multiple players involved. The objective is the same as every other slot game: to hit the jackpot. However, there is a little twist when it comes to playing a progressive slot. With the bet of each player, the jackpot raises exponentially. The machines which are linked together will give a boost to the jackpot amount which will keep rising until someone lucky player hits a jackpot. This player will not only receive their share of the jackpot-winning but also a percentage of other players. Placing maximum bets on a progressive slot is advisable.

  • The Wild machines

Wild machines are perhaps the most popular machines on a casino floor. Anyone who has played the card game Uno before will be aware of the magic of a wild card. A wild card lets the player pick any color or card in the game on Uno. In slots, it does something similar. If a wild symbol appears on the screen along with a near-miss, the wild will act as the required symbol. Another added bonus on wild machines is the wild multiplier which results in the winnings being multiplied up to the times specified. In some cases that may be triple or more if two wilds show up. Thus making wild slots the most exciting casino game.

  • Multiple paylines

Multiple paylines are best for those players who love to play on more than one payline. Usually, machines have fixed center lines that pay players only if the centerline shows a winning combination. Well, not when one plays on multiple paylines. This option of slot machines allows the players to play with multiple paylines which may not directly increase the chances of winning but certainly caters to more opportunities at hand.

how to play slots for jackpot
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There are several more options to play with little variations in each game.

How to win at slot machines? – How to play slots?

There is a lot of buzz out in the gambling world which encourages people to invest money in a system that allows them to win at slot machines. This is a complete scam since slot machines rely on one thing only: luck. Since pulling the lever is the only move in this game, there is no way to cheat your way into winning tickets. There is absolutely no skill involved since there is no way of determining the pattern the chip works on. A chip that works faster than a human brain definitely holds the advantage. Hence it is important to remember that slots are more of an entertainment game which raises adrenaline levels to get the players going.

There is however another way through which a player can gain benefits without winning a jackpot. Casinos traditionally offer incentives to players who indulge in slots at their machines. These attractions are in the form of coupons that offer the player benefits ranging from free food to free hotel stays. This may also include coupons to further play a few more rounds at slots. In case a player loses a lot of money, the casinos have a way of making up to the players with such attractions. It may not be as good as winning a jackpot but it is a sure way to feel better after losing money. Also, you can always check the latest online free spin bonuses.

It is rather easy to gain these advantages. A lot of casinos have players’ club which extend such benefits to the players. All one has to do is sign up at these clubs to begin a special bond with the casino.

Popular questions related to slots – How to play slots

When it comes to slots a lot of people have questions about how the machines work and whether the machines run on luck or is there a special system involved? Here we will answer the most asked questions about slot machines, starting with the most frequent one:

Are slot machines honest?

Yes, slot machines are honest. It is mechanically constructed in a way to avoid any deviation from the main objective. The RNG chip inside each machine purely relies on mathematical formulas to generate combinations which rules out any involvement of the machine being biased. Consequently, the pull of the lever at that microsecond is the only way a combination is selected.

If a person playing right after a player leaves a machine wins a jackpot, does that mean the previous player could have won as well had they kept playing?

No, this is near to impossible since the timing has to be incredibly precise. The previous player needs to pull the lever at the exact same microsecond the new player does in order to hit the jackpot. Taking into account the possibility of this happening based on human reaction is practically impossible.

Do slot machines pay after a specific amount of time has passed or after they have collected a certain amount of money?

Again, no. Slot machines work on a random algorithm which eliminates the possibility of it constituting a system which works in such an order. Therefore, the same logic applies here as well which will only make the player win if they stop the RNG chip at a winning combination.

A slot machine which has not paid in a while even with continued playtime, does it mean it is close to hitting?

Every play in a slot machine is an independent event which is not dependent on prior results. The chance of hitting a jackpot or a winning combination is the same at every turn, be it a previous or future turn.

Will a slot machine stop hitting if it pays out a jackpot?

The answer is simply no. A jackpot does not rule out any future jackpots. The odds remain constant for each turn for hitting a jackpot. If a person pulls the lever and it hits a jackpot for two consecutive turns then the machine certainly will pay again.

Can casinos change the payout ratio of a slot machine after each play?

Slot machines are a piece of work when it comes to fixing it up. The manufacturers alone can authorize the payout percentage and it takes a lot of effort and time, not to forget money, to be able to do that. Which is the sole reason casinos do not send back machines, instead they order news ones which are specific to a payout percentage and have them mentioned on the machine as well.

What are loose slot machines?

Loose slot machines is a categorical name for machines that have a high payback. In order for this machine to have a higher payback they need to have high bets and low volatility.

Why are slots so addictive?

Another most asked question which is also true. Slot machines are addictive due to the nature of the game. It is a continuous game without interruptions and in a solitary state. The game allows the player to participate without having to wait for other players or distribution of cards like in other casino games. Therefore, this very play style renders this game to be addictive.

How should a person know when to stop?

This question goes for basically all casino games and not just slots. It is always essential to exercise control when it comes to gambling. A person should set aside their betting limit for the day and spend no more money than the specified amount. Hence when the spent amount reaches the limit the player should stop playing and cash out their winnings.

As you can understand, slots are easy to play and inherently fun. A quick tour around the casino can get a player acquainted with the types of slots machines available and pick the best suited for them. This online casino guide for beginners will enable new players to get a headstart on the numerous ways to indulge in slots.


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