How to Play Russian Lotto at Online Casinos?

How to Play Russian Lotto

Russian Lotto is one of the most popular games in the country. It differs from most gambling games you have ever seen at online casinos but is still exciting to play. Learn where and how to play Russian Lotto for real money to face new challenges in 2021!

What is Russian Lotto? How to play it at online casinos? Now you have everything about the classic Russian game explained! Check online gambling guides for beginners to find more interesting games across the world.  

Everything about Russian Lotto explained

Russian Lotto is a popular game of luck in many post-Soviet countries including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Although it is named “lotto”, this game has almost nothing to do with the lottery. This is a game of chance resembling American bingo but with its own peculiarities. 

Rules & objectives

So, how to play Russian Lotto? The game is played with special lotto cards containing random numbers from 1 to 90. Also, the players need a bag of lotto kegs that are also numbered from 1 to 90 but in a consecutive way. In real-life games, kegs are usually wooden but their appearance at online casinos may vary.

To play Russian Lotto, every player (minimum one) has to receive one card. Then, the host of the game who doesn’t participate in it blindly takes kegs from the bag and reveals their numbers. If the player has this number written on his card, he marks or covers it. The aim of the game is to be the first player to cover (mark) all numbers on your card.

Playing Russian Lotto at online casinos slightly differs from the offline game. First of all, there can be only one player competing against a computer. In this case, the “dealer” takes part in the game too. Also, there are odds for numbers in a line absent in the original game. And let’s not forget about the latest online casino bonuses you can use to increase your winning chances. At online Russian Lotto, there are 24 cards to choose from and 30 kegs to play with.


If you want to know how to play Russian Lotto for real money, odds are an important thing to learn. At online casinos like 22Bet odds for the Russian Lotto are the following:

  • 3 numbers in a line – x1
  • 4 numbers in a line – x3
  • 5 numbers in a line – x13

In a traditional game, covering your card in a chaotic way is enough to win. At the same time, online Russian Lotto needs you to cover numbers in 1-3 lines to win money. Depending on the amount of your bet and lines you cover, the odds will multiply your winnings by x1, x3, or x13.

You can play Russian Lotto at 22Bet

How to play Russian Lotto at online casinos?

Now you have everything about Russian Lotto explained. Let’s see where you can play this interesting game for real cash. In 2021, there are two big online gambling sites offering the game to play – 22Bet and 1xBet.

22Bet Casino is the best site to play Russian Lotto for money. You can find the game in the 22Games section and play it 24/7. In addition, the game keeps terms and conditions in front of you in case of forgetting the rules. The minimum amount of money you can bet is $0.30, the maximum is $300.

1xBet Casino is another reputable gambling site that offers Russian Lotto for its users. The game can be found in the 1xGames section and is available to play whenever you want. Like 22Bet, 1xBet Casino is also ready to help you with guidelines and the odds reminder. So, face new challenges now and play Russian Lotto for real money.


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