How to Bet on The Voice- The Ultimate Guide

how to bet on The Voice
Image source: Emin Allahverdi, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There has been no lack of famous singing shows populating the American reality tv scene over the recent many years. American Idol is actually the first of its type. However, it has since been trailed by various others competing for the top position. Nowadays, it’s safe to say The Voice has superseded American Idol as the most well-known talent reality television show in the United States. Almost 9 million Americans tuned in for the 2020 season of The Voice on NBC. This implies it outdrew other reality television stalwarts like The Bachelor, Survivor, and The Amazing Race. The following is a comprehensive guide on how to bet on The Voice.

Amusement wagering has exploded into a famous industry all by itself as of late. Presently, reality television fans have an approach to make the show much more fun. As opposed to discussing the following season of The Voice with your friends, why not set some things in motion and put down a wager? Read on through this online betting guide for beginners which will help you get a comprehensive idea regarding how to bet on The Voice.

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How to bet on The Voice: Stages of Betting

There are several phases to the show, every one of which dispenses with more artists. Additionally, every one of them can be bet on The Voice wagering websites. Futures odds become available after the blind tryouts. Be that as it may, from the battle stages on, handicappers may bet on the week by week activity. There are lines on the inevitable victor, props concerning the mentors and entertainers the same, and odds on the head-to-head matchups. 

Contingent upon how you intend to wager on The Voice, you’ll have to know how each round functions. In this segment, we’ll give you a concise review of each phase of the competition so you may draft the strategies that you will use at the best The Voice wagering sites.

Blind Auditions

The earliest round, called the “Blind Auditions” is essentially the most famous with the crowd. Contenders go onto the stage after a brisk backstory introduction. After which they perform before the studio crowd with the four mentors’ seats facing away from them. 

As they sing, intrigued judges will tap the button on their seat, which turns them around to confront the stage while flagging a wish to add the artist to their group. If various mentors turn, the contender will pick which team to join after they each plead their case.

Since the general population won’t have the foggiest idea about the field of candidates at this stage, there won’t be many markets accessible. Before the teams reach finalization, you’ll have just the odds from which to pick. These odds normally are available on “which mentor will win”. Once this round is over, the pace of the show, also the wagering potential, significantly shoots up.

how to bet on The Voice
Image source: Ayeespino, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Following the blind auditions are the battle rounds. This is when mentors pair up their own ability into couples that will sing a similar melody together before the studio crowd. Toward the finish of their act, their mentor picks one of the contestants to continue. Subsequently, the other faces elimination from the competition. 

But, just because an artist is eliminated during the battle round doesn’t mean they’re totally done. The judges receive a few steal opportunities, typically two or three. The coach may use them when another coach sends one of their team members home. If a vocalist turns out to be free after losing a battle, one of the other mentors may utilize one of their steals to take away the artist as their own.


After the battle rounds are the knockout rounds, which are comparative in their structure. The different thing is that, rather than performing the same song together, every contender finds the opportunity to sing a choice of their own. While they are performing, their rivals are standing around the stage viewing. 

Similarly, as with the last round, the mentors pick which of their artists to keep and which to take out. This presents one more open door for judges to take any of the talents which were previously disposed of.

How to bet on The Voice: Different Types Of Bets

Because of the many remarkable rounds of competition and how the guidelines change all through the season. The Voice wagering sites offer a few unique ways to bet on the activity online. Before, most amusement markets were genuinely fundamental, just setting lines for things like the inevitable victor of the whole contest. Those days are behind us, so you can hope to see various styles of wagering for every one of the individual rounds.

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Moneyline bets

These odds are a method of wagering on the victor of the competition directly when there are just two potential results. Moneyline representation is via negative or positive three-digit numbers. Markets with the “+” before the line are the underdogs, while the “- ” implies that pick is the top choice. 

For instance, If one of the artists has odds at – 200 during the battle round, they’re the top pick to win. You’ll have to risk $200 to win $100. That artist adversary might be available at +175 during the same head to head. A $100 wager on the second contender would procure $175 if the underdog wins.

how to bet on The Voice
Voice Portugal 2018 – Image source: Flickr

Futures bets

Futures wagers depend on some outcome that won’t be available until a later date. Normally the outcomes bets appear on online sportsbook sites toward the finish of a season or competition. Instead of picking between two candidates, as with money lines, futures lines generally incorporate a whole field of members. 

The Voice wagering sites will post their futures odds as ahead of schedule as conceivable during the season. The primary market listed will be “which mentor will win the season,” since we know the four coaches from early on in the show. At that point, when the auditions are over and the team making is final; the oddsmakers can open wagering for “which vocalist will win the season.” 

These lines are typically available as ratios or fractional odds. For instance, a singer will have odds of 4/1. This implies they’re getting “four-to-one” odds. Conversely, a $100 bet would yield $400 in profit (bringing about a $500 absolute payout).

Props bets

Proposition bets are thoroughly available on anything. They’ve generally been in use to cover any part of the competition that doesn’t really have to do with winning or losing. Today, most of the entertainment wagering falls into the “prop wager” class. 

Due to the demand for The Voice wagering online, we are starting to see a more major number of props accessible each season. Some ongoing markets include “the gender of the winner,” “who the public will cast a vote to protect,” and “Who will be eliminated” in a given week.

How to bet on The Voice: Tips and Advice

Entertainment wagering is generally new and as yet developing. There aren’t many reliable betting frameworks that have been created by winning handicappers. These shows actually aren’t drawing in a remarkable likewise consideration as popular sports leagues. There are not enough markets to get truly creative. Therefore, we are compelled to draft strategies as we go. 

You can gain an edge wagering on The Voice by realizing what to search for and understanding the competition. In light of what we witness from many seasons in various nations; here are a few tips to assist you with winning your wagers on the exceptional singing competition. 

We’ll be now looking into some helpful tips on how to bet on The Voice.

how to bet on The Voice
The Portuguese Voice – Image source: Flickr

A Good Coach Matters on the Voice

In case you’re attempting to handicap the competition and speculate who will eventually win the competition, one of the most significant factors on The Voice is the coach artist pairings. The best mentors select artists that work well with themselves elaborately. 

At the point when it’s an ideal opportunity to create their live performances and pick their songs, having a coach that sees how to place an artist in the most worthwhile position is unbelievably important to bettors. Often, if a competitor joins a group driven by an artist that is fundamentally unique in relation to themselves, they’ll settle on helpless choices that cost their performer. 

Luckily, the selection of teams takes place before the futures odds become available online. This gives us some understanding of who has a real shot at winning. Examine past seasons and check whether any of the season’s judges have won the competition before.

Know The Performers Background

In all honesty, you can discover a considerable amount of data about the contenders with a standard search engine query. This information is significant because The Voice doesn’t seem to have severe standards regarding performers having proficient professions in the past. As long as they are not presently acclaimed or in a recording contract already. If one of the vocalists has seen some genuine achievement in the music business previously, there’s a decent possibility they’ll be one of the better performers during the contest. 

This data will likewise give you extra understanding into which of the mentors with whom they’ll presumably fit best. You may even be able to locate some more seasoned records from their career, which gives you much more information with which to work.

how to bet on The Voice
Who will be better? – Image source: Flickr

Think About The “Story” in the Voice

There is nothing viewers at home acknowledge more than a happy, effectively absorbable story. Give close consideration to the stories about the performers. As the weeks go on they’ll massively affect how the public votes in the last rounds. A performer who has overcome many close calls with elimination (possibly they were spared by another mentor) may win the heart of the people voting, paying little mind to sing talent. 

On that equivalent note, a fabulous performer that hasn’t appeared remarkable will struggle once voting is out of the coach’s hands. For instance, an artist that was conflicting with their mentor’s recommendation in regards to song choice or how to tackle a specific performance can turn people off. It doesn’t make a difference if they’re the most gifted contender if they don’t have the vibe of a great story, as well. 

Finally, you may discover some especially helpful goodies of data when you’re exploring the contenders’ pasts. If they’ve experienced extreme challenges or have conquered decimating difficulties, you can wager those will turn out to be essential for the show sooner or later. This will assume an indispensable role in forming that contender’s on-screen story. Visit your favorite The Voice wagering site before the remainder of the world hears the news to capture a slight edge on public bettors.

Choice Of Song Is Critical

Every year, we see exceptionally gifted candidates eliminated because of the poor song picks. Additionally, because they don’t coordinate elaborately with what they’ve been approached to perform. Choosing a rendition of tunes that will play to an artist’s qualities is a basic element of a rewarding run on “The Voice.” 

In regards to the judges who have featured on the show in past seasons, you can glance back and see whether they’ve set their candidates up for success or disappointment. If you don’t have that data, you might need to put together your bets. Take into consideration how much experience their coach has with the candidate’s singing style expertly. The more comparable their approach to music, the more probable it is that they’ll settle on brilliant choices.

Mentor Eliminators vs Voting Public

If you plan on making money by wagering on “The Voice,” you should recall that the candidates will be evaluated by two distinct groups of individuals; during different phases of the season. In the early rounds, the entirety of the decisions will be in the hands of the four mentors. whose teams will contend among themselves. These are proficient musicians who additionally invest time and energy with the contestants. Behind the scenes and perceive how they act, how hard they’re working, and so forth 

It’s likewise important that proficient musicians are accustomed to working with challenging people. All things considered, the decisions they’ll make in the competition will be founded on sheer talent and potential to be a star. Towards the finish of the season, the deciding power is out of nowhere removed from the coach’s hands and left exclusively to the public to choose. 

The standards that the general viewer bases their vote on varies a lot from the judges. Looks will be a factor, a vocalist’s background will matter more. The narrative of their journey to these last rounds will impact the result. At the point when you’re putting down your wagers, remember this and attempt to recognize entertainers that might engage the two groups of people.

how to bet on The Voice
An epic performance – Image source: Flickr

Find Value

When learning how to bet on The Voice, one needs to draft profitable strategies. This is where finding value comes into play. 

It doesn’t make a difference in case you’re betting on sports, the Oscars, or a reality singing contest, winning wagers are tied in with discovering positive value. Wagering lines are considered to hold value when the genuine probability of an outcome happening is higher than the inferred probability of the odds. 

Let’s take a coin toss for instance. We realize that while flipping a coin, both “heads” and “tails” have an equivalent possibility of landing (50%). Change over to Moneyline odds, a result with a 50% likelihood of happening is available at +100. If you predict accurately, you win the same amount of cash that you risked.

Determining how to find Value in betting

Suppose the oddsmakers set the odds for heads at – 150 and tails at +125. We know there’s an equal possibility of either side landing. Hence, we need to change these lines over to percentages, then compare. The inferred probability of – 150 is 60%. That’s how often heads would need to land to break even; it’s a terrible wager knowing what we know about flipping coins.

The tails’ chances at +125 have a suggested likelihood of 44.44%. We realize we can anticipate that tails should land more frequently than that, so tails are the wagering line with all of the value. It doesn’t make a difference how frequently it’s a hit in succession. Or even how emphatically you feel that heads will come up next; you need to continue betting on tails. Over the long haul, the numerical will work itself out to make you a healthy profit. 

A similar method can be utilized with betting on “The Voice”. While you won’t have a solid genuine likelihood as you would with a coin flip; you can still make well-informed bets with regards to your research. Try not to succumb to the favorites or the candidates with the huge potential payouts; look for vocalists who you think have a superior possibility of reaching the finals than the odds suggest. There, you’ll discover value.

Draft Your Bankroll Strategy

Wagering on The Voice and your other most loved shows can be an exciting encounter. Having some activity on the daily festivities fundamentally builds the delight in watching reality tv and singing contests. Bear in mind, that the rush that makes entertainment betting so much fun can likewise turn into an issue for certain individuals. 

That is the reason you must put in a safe spot a particular amount of money for your bankroll and draft a staking plan. Realize how much cash you want to bet every week and don’t surpass it ever. This will assist you with avoiding problem gambling like pursuing your losses. When a bettor thinks that they’re “sue” for success and continues making bigger wagers following a losing streak, to recoup a portion of their assets.

Well, what are you waiting for? Step into the world of entertainment betting using this online betting guide for beginners. Hopefully, at the end of this article, you know how to bet on The Voice.

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