How To Bet On Sports For Free – All Tips & Tricks

How To Bet On Sports For Free

Every bettor wants to know how to bet on sports for free. If you have ever dealt with the bookies, you should have asked this question at least once. Finally, we are ready to give an answer and teach you how to save money on betting.

Free betting is not a dream – it is something you can do if you use an online sportsbook. In order to not risk money, all punters can try out one of the three common ways to bet on sports and not spend a single penny. What are these ways?

Some sportsbooks offer free bets

The main and the most popular way to wager on sports or other events without money is to use free bets. Many online sportsbook sites offer this option for their users. What is a free bet and how to use it?

As it is clear from its name, a free bet is a money-free bet that is valid for a fixed term. It is one of the sportsbook bonuses that allows you to place a small wager without raising your own money. Usually, sportsbooks give a free-bet opportunity to new users who are not accustomed to real-money betting. So, if you want to sign up for any sportsbook site, check whether they offer such a bonus or not.

Does a free bet bring profit? Yes. If it wins, the bettor earns a certain amount of money but if it loses, he/she loses nothing. In general, the free bet bonus you can get is 5-20 and it is given only once. Also, each offer has its own T&C, so make sure you read them carefully. 

Betway Sportsbook offers free bets

Risk-free bets are a good way to save money 

This is another method that can help you to save some money on sports betting. Risk-free bets are quite widespread among the bookies on the Internet. Besides online sportsbooks, punters can also use risk-free bets at certain mobile betting sites/apps.

Like free bets, risk-free bets belong to a special kind of sign-up promotion. To use them, you need to place a wager on any event (yes, you wager with your own money at the beginning). If your bet was successful, you receive your winnings. But if it loses, the sportsbook gives your money back. That’s why it is called risk-free – basically, you don’t risk your money at all. 

Pay attention that some sportsbooks can give your money back in form of bohow to bet on sports for freenus cash, credit, or an opportunity to bet for free in the future. 

Follow betting promotions to know how to bet on sports for free

The last way to benefit from free betting is to follow promotions at online sportsbooks. All reputable betting sites run various deals from time to time to encourage their users to wager on sports. Therefore, you should stay tuned to them to find out the newest offers. Besides money-free bets, you can also use other bonuses to benefit from sports betting. Check the best online sportsbook deals to see what’s so special at the bookies right now. 


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