How to Bet on Golden Globes- Guide and Strategies

how to bet on golden globes
Image source: Mavelus, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Golden Globes is a highly esteemed award show, only second to the Oscars. The award show is over 50 years old and is greatly recognized by the entertainment industry. When a new year begins, almost all eyes are on the Oscars. However, the Golden Globes set the precedent for some of the winners in the Academy Awards. Most people who bet on the Oscars, research the Golden Globe winners for a better understanding of who might take the award home. Hence, learning how to bet on Golden Globes does not only aid bettors for this show it may also encourage future entertainment bets. This online betting guide for beginners contains all the strategies one needs to excel at entertainment wagering.

The show is known for acknowledging artistic achievements throughout the film industry. The categories vary from the Oscars including a breakdown of film genres which generate more betting options for the viewers. Hence, betting on golden globes can be more exciting due to several categories being at the disposal of bettors.

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Let’s take a look at the categories and the kind of odds they provide respectively.

How to bet on Golden Globes: the basics

The buzz around the award show begins as the year comes to an end, with a plethora of films already in the cinemas. Each film generates certain reviews on the box office which makes the options for betting rather clear. These reviews determine which films, actors, or directors might appear on the stage to receive their awards. Therefore, going through these critiques is of value for those looking to place bets in the upcoming season. Similar to betting on the Oscars, the Golden globes also have a similar way of presenting odds. The odds are usually in the Moneyline format or in the form of prop bets.

Another distinct feature of the Golden Globe awards is their coverage of both the film and the television worlds. Let’s take a look at the Film awards.

Film Awards

Film awards in golden globes mostly use the Moneyline format to represent odds. Moneyline odds are also famous as American odds that adopt the use of a + and – sign to depict the probability of odds. This way bettors can calculate how much money is needed to invest for a desirable outcome. The categories which are represented by Moneyline odds are:

how to bet on golden globes
So exciting! – Image source: Peter Dutton from Forest Hills, Queens, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Best motion picture – Drama

Unlike the Oscars, Golden globes divide its best picture award into subcategories. One of them is the best motion picture for drama. This award strictly caters to performances in the genre which deals with dramatic storylines. A lot of gambling guides perceive this category as highly competitive which makes determining a winner rather difficult. Since these awards set precedent, looking for references elsewhere is futile. However, the odds for each category do play a certain role in making the decision easier for bettors. For example in the odds for The Irishman in 2019 golden globes were at -200 making it at the top of the list. With marriage story at number 2 with +260 odds, Joker at +650, and 1917 at +900. Surprisingly 1917 ended up taking the award home.

Best motion picture – Musical or Comedy

The second subcategory in the best motion picture award is Musical or Comedy. As the name suggests, any movie which falls in this category can be subjected to a nomination by the board. Similar gambling advice follows this subcategory as well. Due to the nature of the award, it is also reasonably hard to predict. In this case, relying on odds is the best move one can make. In the 2020 Golden Globes, Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was the favorite with odds of -350. The movie ended up taking the musical or comedy best picture award. This is an example of odds actually predicting the winner correctly.

Best motion picture – Foreign film

how to bet on golden globes
Salma Hayek at the 69th Golden Globes Awards – Image source: jdeeringdavis, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Another subset in the best motion picture is a foreign film. Although very few online sportsbooks cover this category due to the unpopularity. However, after the win of Parasite, a South Korean film as the best picture, it is likely we will be seeing foreign film odds appearing for the next award season betting. Foreign films may be exclusive to the countries but worldwide betting allows a special place for this category in the Hollywood betting industry. Hence, placing a bet on foreign films to win may not be such a bad option.

Best Director – Drama, and Musical or Comedy

The best director is one of the prime categories which bettors can wager on. This award is highly anticipated since classic names are always making it to the nominee’s list. This is what makes this award more predictable than the rest because it is easier to determine the direction in many critics’ opinions. The best picture and best director are in correlation with each other. In a lot of cases, both the awards go to the same film for understandable reasons.

Best Actor or Actress – Drama and Musical or Comedy

Another top rating award of the show is the best actor or actress. Most people are likely to bet on their favorite actors. However, this may be a mistake since the awards could care less for anybody’s favorite. For this reason, sentiment should not interfere with gambling. Oscar buzz for an actor or actress is something important that one should take into consideration. These social media praises do not go unnoticed and it should not evade the attention of the bettor either. Therefore, in the lesson on how to bet on the golden globe, keeping these things in mind is a wise move.

Best Supporting Actor or Actress – Drama and Musical or Comedy

This category may not be as popular as the latter best actor or actress although it does have its perks. With the win of Brad Pitt in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in this category, this award gained a lot of attention. Since then this category will attract future betting odds from online sportsbook websites. The odds are always the best aid in this category.

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Television Awards

This is a plus side to the golden globes awards which not only includes films like most award shows but also has a wide variety of television awards. Emmys which purely deals with television awards takes place before the golden globes which set a precedent for the golden globes. Let’s see how to bet on golden globes television awards.

Best Television series – Drama and Musical or Comedy

Similar to the film industry, the best series award is highly anticipated among television enthusiasts. Each year the top-ranking series are considered nominees. It is safe to say at this point, that most major categories in golden globes are competitive. One example of this is the groundbreaking tv series, Game of Thrones. Despite staying on number 2 as the top tv ranking series on IMDb, Game of Thrones could not score the best television series award throughout its run. It did get nominated several times but for one reason or another, the cast and crew could not make it to the golden globes stage.

how to bet on golden globes
Reese Witherspoon at the 69th Annual Golden Globes Awards – Image source: jdeeringdavis, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Similarly, when Friends was airing, nominations for cast and the show kept coming except the show did not win the best television series in Musical or Comedy. It can be hard to say what the voters see when they vote for a show. Sometimes an underdog can easily conquer a fan favorite giant. Therefore, it is wise to set a bankroll when it comes to betting on competitive categories. When the bankroll takes a toll, it is important to back down and not gamble more.

Best Miniseries or Motion Picture

With the addition of this category in 1971, the miniseries in the television industry finally had a platform that recognizes them. Therefore, several adaptations from the theatre recreate the miniseries. The entertainment industry saw several excellent miniseries come to the television screens. When it comes to miniseries, predicting the winner might be comparatively easier due to a favorite emerging and taking the award. Hence, listing the best miniseries or motion picture awards in your list of entertainment bets is recommended.

Best actor and actress in Television series

Just like for the film awards, the actor and actress in television series is a big deal for all the fans just like in any other award shows. The Emmys are more famous for their awards for the best actor and actress in a television series. Nonetheless, the Golden globes are equally important for the stars. This is the category where the bettors can shine due to the category being one in which the odds usually determine the winner. However, one downside to this award is that not a lot of online sportsbooks feature this award. But there is still hope that in the future sportsbooks and bookmakers will include more and more categories from the wide variety of awards available on the Golden Globes.

Where to bet on the Golden Globes

Entertainment betting is legal in most parts of the world including America and Europe which makes it easier to bet on the Golden Globes. Many bookmakers in America cater to the Golden Globes which cover the award show according to the rules in their states. Even if so, there are always online sportsbooks which include the show in their daily bets. UK websites like bet365 or 22BET include a wide variety of entertainment bets. Each online website offers an information layout that confirms where the site is available and if the visitors can place their bets from the location. The bets start appearing on the sites months before the actual date, so if you are planning to bet on the upcoming Golden Globes, be sure to take a look at their odds.

How to bet on Golden Globes: Tips and Tricks

how to bet on golden globes
Michelle Gellar at the 69th Golden Globes Awards – Image source: jdeeringdavis, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to learning how to bet on Golden Globes it is also important to keep in mind the basics of gambling. Bankroll management is one of these basics. Before approaching any online sportsbooks or bookmakers, one should always set an amount that will be utilized. A major part of this bankroll should be allocated to the bets which the bettor is most sure about. These sure bets are usually the ones that are less competitive and are most likely to win.

Another method is to use the profit for future award shows, such as the Oscars. The Oscars air a few months after the Golden Globes which is quintessential in entertainment betting. This timeline sets a precedent for bettors to become aware of which categories have a higher chance of winning.

Another thing to keep in mind is that last-minute betting is disabled on online sportsbook sites. So make sure not to wait until the very last minute to place a bet. This is for obvious reasons, so people do not place bets after finding out the winner. The race starts as soon as the nominee’s lists are out which is a suitable time to start placing bets.

Among many assumptions about the Golden Globes is that a single show or film can not make a sweep. This is as stated before, just an assumption. Any category is not dependent on the number of awards it wins before. Any film or show can make a sweep with several awards. Much like in 2017 Golden Globes where La La Land took home all awards it had nominations in. The musical won best musical or comedy, director, screenplay, score, and song. Along with these the lead actors Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone won the best actor and actress category respectively.

Go place your bets!

Now with the knowledge regarding how to bet on Golden Globes, you are now equipped to turn to the world of entertainment betting and use these tips to your advantage. Hopefully, this online betting guide for beginners is comprehensive enough to cater to all your questions.

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