How Many Poker Types Exist in 2021?

How Many Poker Types Exist in 2021

Poker is a popular casino game with plenty of variations you should know if you want to win. Depending on the poker game, players should use different winning tactics. So, how many poker types exist in 2021?

The card game of poker has many variations that are played in casinos across the world. Probably, the first one that comes to mind is Texas Hold’Em aka the most popular poker game nowadays. However, Badugi, and many others. They all can be classified into big groups, so let’s see how many poker types exist in 2021.

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How many poker types exist?

In poker there are three main classifications: draw, stud, and community poker. Usually, all popular poker variations are classified by one of these types. Take a closer look at them to know how they are different from each other.

Draw poker

Draw poker games are among the most popular poker types. Games in which players are dealt hands they don’t show to their opponents. Then, players try to improve their hands by replacing cards. You can check all poker hands ranking from the highest to lowest.

In general, draw poker games are present in every casino and every online gambling site. The most popular draw poker game is Five-Card poker. 

Stud poker

Stud poker can also boast of a quite big army of fans. Stud poker games are games in which players are dealt cards that are both exposed and face-down. It means that all players have some information about their opponents’ cards and can build their strategy based on this knowledge. 

The most common variants of Stud poker are Five-Card stud and Seven-Card stud.

Community poker

Community poker is probably the most popular type of this card game. It means a combination of hidden and exposed cards in which hidden cards are players’ cards and exposed cards are shared. In community poker games, players are dealt face-down cards and use them together with the community cards to form winning hands. Omaha and Texas Hold’Em are the most popular variants of community poker. 

There are also two additional poker types: lowball and high-low split. They are considered exotic as they follow different rules. While in most poker types the best hand wins, the lowest hand is the strongest in lowball poker. In a high-low split, players with the lowest and highest hands share the pot. 

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