How Boxing Odds Work – Read To Beat The Bookies!

How Boxing Odds Work

Boxing remains one of the most-watched sports. Despite a slight decline in popularity in recent years, it continues to be a favorite among online sportsbooks, too. If you’re new to boxing betting, the odds can seem a bit daunting at first but don’t worry. We’ll help you navigate the basics of how boxing odds work.

How to bet on boxing

Betting on boxing may look challenging for beginners, but it’s pretty straightforward with some fundamental knowledge and tips. Most sportsbooks feature regular boxing events, offering numerous opportunities to place bets. 

By understanding the basics, you can potentially win significantly from those opportunities. As there are various betting options, each requiring a different strategy, you need to take through the essential ones. If you watch other competitions, find many useful sports betting strategies in our previous article

Now, let’s get back to boxing.

How boxing odds work?

Boxing, like many other sports, offers several types of bets, each with its own rules and odds calculations. Here are the primary types of boxing odds that every beginner should understand. So, are you ready to learn how boxing odds work?

Moneyline Betting

A moneyline bet is the simplest form of betting where you pick the outright winner. Here’s an example of how the odds can be displayed for those betting at online sportsbooks in the US:

  • Usyk: -160
  • Fury: +130

In this example, Usyk is the favorite, indicated by the minus sign (-), and Fury is the underdog, marked by the plus sign (+). This format is consistent across all sports, from football to the UFC.

Prop Betting

Prop bets involve wagering on specific occurrences or milestones within the fight that don’t necessarily relate to the outcome. For example, you could bet on how the fight will end rather than who will win. Using our Usyk vs. Fury example, instead of betting on Oleksandr to win, you might bet on him winning by knockout (KO), with odds looking like this:

  • Usyk by KO +120

How Boxing Odds Work

Other common boxing prop bets include:

  • Will there be a knockdown?
  • Will the fight go the distance?
  • Will there be a point deduction?
  • Will the fight end in a decision?

Total Rounds Betting

The next type of bet involves predicting the number of rounds a fight will last. How boxing odds work here? Let’s see in another example:

  • OVER 11.5 rounds
  • UNDER 11.5 rounds

If you believe the fight will end before 11.5 rounds, you bet on the UNDER. If you think it will go beyond 11.5 rounds, you bet on the OVER.

On-Points Betting

In professional boxing, fighters are judged on a 10-point scale. Most rounds end 10-9 in favor of the winning boxer. A draw round results in both fighters receiving 10 points. Points are deducted for knockdowns and fouls, both intentional and unintentional. This bet is akin to the point spread in other sports, where you predict which fighter will win and by how much.

Consider the boxer’s record

Boxing is fun to watch and bet on, as anyone can be the winner. However, much still comes down to a fighter’s record, precisely their number of losses. An undefeated record (an “O” in the loss column) makes a fighter more marketable and appealing to casual bettors. However, the record alone doesn’t tell the whole story. Analyzing how a boxer performed against similar or tough opponents provides better insight into their true capabilities.

We hope this guide has provided a clear understanding of boxing odds. For more detailed sports betting strategies, check out our previous articles. Don’t forget to explore our sports betting bonus list for great deals to enhance your betting experience. 

Also, visit our comprehensive sportsbook guides page before placing your next bet to make the most informed decisions after learning how boxing odds work!

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